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For the Birds

Picks of the Week

11/20/2023 | Picks of the Week

kathryn kaufmann
Authentic Creations

10x42 HD Monocular
Global Promo #BN-M061

  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Designed with an anti-fog coating and waterproof material
  3. Suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, bird-watching, and stargazing

Get a bird’s eye view of nature while standing at ground level. Gaze at the stars in the nighttime sky! These lightweight and waterproof Monoculars make the perfect gift for camping and hiking, too. Take in some great sights with 10x magnification from up to 1000 meters away.

ben macdonald
The Ad King

Birds of North America Calendar
Koozie #7036

  1. Colorful birds make the year fly by in this beautiful nature calendar
  2. 13-Month calendar with December month printed on backmount
  3. Gloss Paper Stock with UV Coated Cover

Bird watch all year long when you hang this calendar on your wall. Snow or rain, you can always see those beautiful birds to bring joy!

nadav raviv
Amplify Marketing

Metal Bird Feeder
Illini #1602

  1. Features a white roof and trim and is offered in your choice of colors
  2. To prevent rusting, each bird feeder undergoes a two-step treatment
  3. Includes a cord lock to ensure the roof stays in place on windy days 

Something calming about watching the birds. Now you can associate your brand with that same calming view with these awesome bird feeders.

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