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Picks of the Week

11/13/2023 | Picks of the Week

tim hill
Cornerstone Promot'l Products

Glory Auto Emergency Kit
LogoMark #GT5012

  1. Tire-shaped ABS case
  2. Includes 2-way screwdriver, 8 piece combo wrench and more tools
  3. Includes first aid kit

This emergency kit has almost every tool for almost any emergency or repair scenario. 20 plus items and a first aid kit too! The end user will have a ton of gratitude for the company who gifted them this item. Great way to spread good will. 

rich graham
Big Promotions

On-The-Go Sleep Travel Kit
Via Kit Company #AM002

  1. Variety of colors available
  2. Includes satin eye mask and inflatable neck pillow
  3. Comes in a semi-translucent zippered bag

Satin eye mask and soft flock velour inflatable neck pillow all packing in semi-translucent zippered bag. There's room in the bag to add other items from their loose amenity collection, such as ear plugs, hand sanitizer, lotions, etc. 

katie kahler, CAS

Sidekick First Aid Kit
My Medic

  1. Over 70 first aid items
  2. Extra space so you can organize and customize (to fit your needs)
  3. Be ready for everyday minor injuries while on the move

This retail brand is now available in the corporate branding space, bringing their data based research into the development of First Aid items. Not only will this kit protect your team with over 70 easy-to-use and potentially life-saving items, but you will show them how much you care with a wide range of packets to help with any incident ranging from blisters to burns. You won't ever want to use a normal bandage again after trying these! I also really like the attention to detail in the kit itself to make sure it is easy to find and access what you need in case of an emergency.

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