Digital Marketing
Full suite of marketing services
Leverage over 35,000 digital catalog pages
Drive business while saving time
Email Broadcasting
Reach up to 10,000 potential clients
Fully automated email marketing
Highest value for your marketing dollar
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalog
Create niches for your target audience
Updated by suppliers in real time
Digital Media Content
Targeted merchandise specials
Fully self-maintained and updated
Digital Marketing Program
Bundled services, maximum ROI
Daily exposure to stay top of mind
Completely customizable
Content Advertising
Daily content marketing
Created by industry thought leaders
Reach over 100,000 distributors each week
Email Broadcasting
Five days of exclusive promotion
Distributor and client safe forwarding
End user exposure
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalogs
Automated product search
Update as needed
Banner Advertising
Exclusive advertising on the PromoCorner website
Reach over 100,000 visitors per month
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from the week of January 14, 2019!
The PromoEffect- Harbor Perk
Industry veteran, Dana Zezzo, surprises Harbor Perk with french press travel mugs!
LIVE from the PPAI Expo
Q&A from the audience about tariffs, manufacturing, cannabis, Fill in the Blank & more!
How Branded Are You?
Sticking to your own branding standards.
Laurie Moore from PromoCorner
Kirby and Laurie discuss what it takes to be successful when working remotely!
Music to your ears! And bottom line!
Smart, Wireless Technology is a “Hit” with Consumers
Tell Your Story by Answering Four Questions
Be the pain reliever.
It Isn’t Styrofoam and I Know Styrofoam
Single-use Plastic and Foam Bans begin in New York and Washington…
An Education Lifestyle
3 reasons to take advantage of educational opportunities.
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from the week of January 7, 2019!
Are you ready for Las Vegas?
Preparing for the PPAI Expo, show etiquette, Fill in the Blank & more!
Screen Printed Non-Woven Tote from PWS
Watch how a non-woven tote is screen printed.
Proactive or Reactive?
Chose Wisely.
Brittany David from Snugz
They discuss what it's like to make the Power 50 list and why that matters!
Done Is Better Than Perferct
Progress is better than perfection.
What Does Your Brand Stand For?
Be A Showstopper!
Maximixe your client's trade show experience.
“Trust the Process” is Meaningless
Too often, “trust the process” tends to morph into “let’s hope the process fixes things for us.”
What books do you recommend to new employees?
The ROI of content marketing,the time between Christmas and the New Year, Bill's PromoErrday, Fill in the Blank & more!
Weekly Wrap-Up!
Bloopers Edition!
A Tariff-ic Approach to Quotes
One option to deal with the challenge of pricing.
Working Smarter, Not Harder in 2019!
10 Ways to Increase Sales
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Ask Kirby!
Kirby answers questions from his viewers!
2019 New Product Roundup
Functional, Fashionable, and Eco-Friendly!