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Bill Gives a Review of His 8-Day Cruise!
The importance of end-user shows (and measuring ROI), Leadership Development Workshop, the most recognizable brands on twitter, the Promo Person of the Week, & more!
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Managing Client Expectations
Make them a star
Catherine Graham from commonsku
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It’s That Time of Year Again!
Calendars are more relevant and appreciated than ever
Consider Selling Stories...
Promotional merchandise create memories
Leadership Development Workshop (LDW)
What is it and why is it important?
Bathmat Marketing
Branded products that are relevant, memorable and/or useful have an undeniably long shelf life.
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Wasting Marketing Dollars Due to Substandard Data
The marketing impact of college athletes profiting from their likeness, the best places to work, best way to waste time at work, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
Corporate Gifts:
The Gifts That Keep on Giving!
Josh Robbins from Vault Promotions
Today Josh talks about how he started Vault Promotions!
Would you agree that we all would like more leads?
Without leads, we can easily be left behind
Your Customers are Waiting
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Self Promotions - Do We Reap What We Sow?
Are self promos worth the effort?
The Flavortown Quandary
I learned a lot about planning a cruise, myself, and how those lessons can help in sales:
Thoughts on a Water Bottle
On is the easy part, What to put it in is a different matter…
Should Distributors Wear Branded Apparel at End-User Shows?
Proforma's Steve Wozniak announcement, staying in the loop with employees, embracing data privacy, the Promo Person of the Week, and More
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Turn Your Stress into Success!
Stress in sales can encourage competition...
The Secret of My Success
...or not
Stephen McFadden from Perfect Promotions
Today Stephen talks about why he's all in on podcasts!
Disingenuous - adjective
lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere:
Industry Buying Groups
Will everyone eventually be part of a buying group?