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Aug 30th - PromoShow
Fall Fashion
Picks of the Week
Lisa Parker joins the Insider Crew
And they discuss Professional Development in Promo!
75 Hard
An intensive program...and what he admires about that!
Are You Ready to Take the Lead?
Leadership demands clarity and consistency.
The Rundown sponsored by Goldstar
Episode 43
Promotions with Visual Appeal
Episode 108
Refuse to Participate!
Episode 403 with Lindsey Davis
Kirby sits down with the new Promotional Products Works Manager at PPAI, Lindsey Davis.
Going Green & Making Green
Eco-Friendly Branded Giveaways Your Customers Will Love
Beer Gardens
Picks of the Week
Unsafe Products Mean Higher Prices for All of Us
That’s what the United Nations says is ahead for all of us...
Josh Robbins joins the Insider Crew
And they discuss Promocations!
Don't Apologize for Being Happy
We are allowed to have good days, enjoy them.
Charcuterie On The Go
Perfect for the beach, boat, camping or a picnic
The Alternate Approach to Cold Calling
Episode 107
How Promo is Made- Cork Coaster
Season 2 Episode 4
Episode 402 with Luke Charlton
Kirby is joined by Luke Charlton the Aussie Hermit
Be Daring with Decoration
Jennifer Cox, Needle Points (originally published 12/22/2016)
Wedding Favors
Picks of the Week
Maurice Norris joins the Insider Crew
And they discuss the Ocean Shipping Reform Act!
Two Types of People
There are energy takers and energy givers. Which are you?
Golf Course enhancements from Brentwood Line
Amelia shows us how to keep our drinks cool and shoes clean!
Reward Employees by Sharing
Episode 106
Increase Sales with a Personal Touch
Ways to Keep Your Prospects & Customers Engaged in a Virtual World