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At we respect and protect your privacy. As such, below we list all information we collect from you and the manner in which we utilize it. This privacy statement applies to all of

Data Collection & Use

We require all visitors to register in order to view the information contained on this website. During the registration process we collect personal information regarding you and your company. Information collected includes, name, company name, company address, including city state and zip. We also collect phone, fax, web, and email information. We utilize this information to send personalized offers to you via, mail, email, and fax. We also use it to make your browsing experience more enjoyable by auto filling forms and providing personalized content. At any time you may permanently remove your information from our database. You also may update and alter your information and preferences at any time. To do so, simply click on the "edit profile" button at the top left of any screen.

We also utilize web logs which record IP addresses, browser types, and regions. This information is used to help asses the daily activity on our site by identify unique visitors. We are also able to gauge individual page activity by tracking requests for images and executable files.

While you are actively logged into our website we will share your address and email information with our advertisers. This program is called a "click lead". When you interact with an advertisers ad we will supply that advertiser with your name, company, address, and email information. This program exists in an effort to provide you with further incentives, sales, coupons, literature from the advertiser. You may prevent this sharing of information by logging out of your account.


Once your are registered and logged in we place a cookie on your computer. This cookie contains information about our website and the user id we assigned you. When you return to we will scan your computer for this cookie and use it to automatically log you in. This is done as a time saving feature used to make your visit more efficient. At any time you may log out. Once logged out the data contained by our cookie is erased and will only be restored after you log in again.


When you register we give you the opportunity to receive our email newsletters and special offers. Once signed up you may at any time remove your self from receiving any future mailings by clicking on our Safe-Unsubscribe button located at the bottom of every email we send. Removal is instant and permanent and at no time will you be added back unless you make specifically requested.

Third Parties contains links to third parties. Though we make every effort to deal strictly with reputable companies and individuals, we make no claims or guarantees as to their privacy procedures. If you feel one of our third party vendors is violating your privacy rights please contact us at and a representative will look into the matter.

Data Sharing maintains relationships with reputable third parties and will from time to time share personal information such as names, company names, addresses, phone and fax numbers as well as industry affiliations. WILL NOT SHARE, RENT, or SELL EMAIL ADDRESSES with any other third party.


At any time your may remove all information regarding you and your company from our database. Removal is immediate and permanent. To do so click on the "Edit Profile" button on the top left of any page. You may also erase any cookie information stored on your computer. To do so, simply log off. Cookies will remain empty until you subsequently log back into the website.


We take every precaution in securing your personal information. All data is held in password protected sql databases only accessible by staff.

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