Marketing Services
design creation

Think of Marketing Services as an extension of your team. Our Graphic Designer will enhance your brand by crafting attention-grabbing ads from our customizable selection, strategically designed to maximize exposure.

  • An introductory meeting to review your goals, learn brand standards, and discuss a marketing plan
  • Monthly or quarterly meetings to review current, future, and potential new projects
  • Checklist of run dates and due dates to help everyone stay on track
  • A full list of specifications will be provided after introductory meeting
  • A-la-carte offerings include the creation of PromoFlash art, PromoJournal Ad, IdentityCollection Ad, Banner Ad, Pop-Up Ad, Logo Design & Brand Guidelines
Marketing Services Pricing
Marketing Program Trial $2,700*
PromoFlash Design $200 per ad
PromoJournal Ad Design $200 per ad
Identity Collection Ad Design $400 per ad
Banner Ad Designs $200 per ad
Pop-Up Banner Ad Design $200 per ad
Logo Design & Brand Guidelines Call for pricing
*Includes 2 Promoflash Ads (same art), 1 PromoJournal Ad, Four social media graphics. Pricing is for both ad design and placement
PromoFlash Platinum
email broadcasts

Give your flyers prime visibility by securing top row placement on our website and Daily & Weekly Digest emails with PromoFlash Platinum.

  • Receive one of four top placement spots for a month on our PromoOffers page
  • Includes two PromoFlash emails (same art) during the month - runs first and third weeks
  • Top placement in Daily and Weekly Digests during the month
  • Larger ads get you noticed
  • Artwork is due by the 23rd of the month prior to your run month
PromFlash Platinum Pricing
6 Months $1,300 per month
5 Months $1,400 per month
4 Months $1,500 per month
3 Months $1,700 per month
2 Months $1,800 per month
1 Month $2,000 total
email broadcasts

Our PromoFlash Email broadcast is the best way to get your advertisement in front of over 30,000 Industry Distributors. With the most accurate and up-to-date list you're ensured this email will land in the inbox of future customers.

  • Real-time analytics tracking available through a custom portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Distributors can quickly and easily forward a client-safe version to their customers
  • All PromoFlash emails can be easily shared on social media for further exposure
  • Appears in daily digest 5 days
  • Appears once in the weekly digest
PromoFlash Pricing
4 Week Trial $1,500 total
6 Weeks $500 per week
12 Weeks $450 per week
26 Weeks $400 per week
52 Weeks $300 per week
PromoJournal Ad
content advertising houses thousands of industry blogs, podcasts, and videos. With over 25,000* unique weekly views get your advertisement in the eyes of industry distributors.

  • Ads rotate on the landing page of every piece of content
  • Running 1 week Sunday- Saturday
  • Tier pricing based on the number of weeks you'd like to run
  • Appears in the daily digest 5 days
  • Appears once in the weekly digest
PromoJournal Pricing
4 Week Trial $1,500 total
6 Weeks $500 per week
12 Weeks $450 per week
26 Weeks $400 per week
52 Weeks $300 per week
digital catalogs

Our PageFlip digital catalog offers much more than a printed catalog with its digital, shareable, and customizable format.

  • All catalogs are hosted on our PromoCatalogs webpage
  • Distributors can easily customize and forward a client-safe version to their customers
  • Get unlimited catalog uploads per line with one low price
  • Includes 2 PromoFlash email blasts of your digital catalog to our list of distributors
  • Pages from catalog may be included in our PromoPages industry catalog
PageFlip Pricing
$2,000 total Includes 2 PromoFlash emails of your PageFlip to our list, Unlimited catalog uploads and updates, Inclusion in PromoPages
digital lookbooks

A Digital Collection of specific product themes. With 6 different themes, you're sure to find one that works for you.

  • A full two-page spread in the supplement
  • Four weeks of exposure on PromoJournal
  • Inclusion in four emails during the highlighted month to our list of over 30,000 distributors
  • Posted to our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Pinterest)
2024 IdentityCollection Schedule
View an example here
March 2024 Eco-Friendly $650
April 2024 Outdoors $650
May 2024 Made In USA $650
June 2024 On The Go $650
August 2024 Holiday Gifts $650
October 2024 Best Sellers $650
Pop-Up Ads
website advertising

Welcome Distributors to with a captivating Pop-Up Ad that captures their attention!

  • Exclusive to one Supplier per month
  • Appears on Homepage, PromoOffers, Supplier Catalogs,
  • Included at the bottom of every Daily and Weekly Digest for the month
  • Reappears 15 minutes after visitor's site inactivity
  • Artwork can be still images/graphics or animated GIFs
PromoPopUp Pricing
$2,500 per month
Banner Ads
website & digest email

Gain exposure with Banner Ads showcased on or on our Daily and Weekly Digests

  • Direct distributors where you want them to go by including a call-to-action and link
  • One of two placements on for the month you choose
  • One of three placements in Daily and Weekly Digests for the month you choose
  • Appears in daily digests
  • Appears in the weekly digest
PromoBanner - Website - Pricing
12 Months of Website Banners $2,000 per month
6 Months of Website Banners $2,500 per month
3 Months of Website Banners $3,000 per month
Artwork Services $200 per banner
PromoBanner - Digest - Pricing
12 Months of Digest Banners $2,000 per month
6 Months of Digest Banners $2,550 per month
3 Months of Digest Banners $3,000 per month
Artwork Services $200 per banner
Video Services
spotlights & commercials

Show off your products or tell your company's story in a compelling and visually appealing way with our professional video services.

  • Videos are perfect to use on social media, sent through emails, or housed on websites
  • Stand out from the competition with high quality product spotlight videos
Video Services Pricing
Product Spotlight $700-$1,200
15-30 seconds, showcase products in a lifestyle environment. Includes completed file.
Custom Projects Call for quote