PromoFlash Platinum
email broadcasts

Give your flyers prime visibility by securing top row placement on our website and Daily & Weekly Digest emails with PromoFlash Platinum.

  • Receive one of four top placement spots for a month on our PromoOffers page
  • Includes two PromoFlash emails (same art) during the month - runs first and third weeks
  • Top placement in Daily and Weekly Digests during the month
  • Larger ads get you noticed
  • Artwork is due by the 23rd of the month prior to your run month
PromFlash Platinum Pricing
6 Months $1,300 per month
5 Months $1,400 per month
4 Months $1,500 per month
3 Months $1,700 per month
2 Months $1,800 per month
1 Month $2,000 total