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Holiday Parties

Picks of the Week

11/6/2023 | Picks of the Week

mandi rudd
Brand Energy

Wine Charms

  1. Help keep track of your drink with these beautiful wine charms
  2. Made from iron
  3. Measures 3/4? W x 3/4? H

Help guests keep track of their drinks with these custom wine charms. With a slender ring that hooks around the stem of the wine glass, and a charm that can come in any design or color you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. Different colors and shapes allow for easy identification based on guest or drink type. Use as an icebreaker to start conversations by finding the people with the matching charm.

ryan cady, CAS
Imprint Engine

Treat Card

  1. Card with a sweet treat inside
  2. Choose from Jelly Beans, Mints, Swedish Fish®, to M&M's®
  3. Includes 1 oz of candy

What's better than getting an invite to a Holiday Party?  I will tell you, an invite that has a treat in it to get the party started early!  With a full color double sided imprint, this is a sure way to let your attendees know that this party is going to be "sweet".

dennis oglesby
Go2 Partners

Magnetic Snow Globe Ornament
Illini #1778

  1. Hang this ornament on your Christmas tree with the provided red velvet string
  2. A decoration and functional fridge magnet
  3. Discover a mix of snow and glitter flakes inside

This is an ideal party favor for the holiday season, regardless of what specific winter holiday you may be celebrating! A great way to capture memories of time together with friends and family and display throughout the season. It includes a magnetic backer or can be used as an ornament. 

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