Monday Minute: Keep Your Head on a Swivel
It started meaning one thing to him...and now it means something else. 2/22/2021 | Kirby Hasseman, The Monday Minute

Hey there this is Kirby Hasseman with the Monday Minute! 

When I was on the high school football team, I remember a

coach yelling "Keep your head on a Swivel!" The idea was to

be aware of your surroundings at all times, so you didn't get

clobbered. If you were looking too closely at a running back,

you might not see the pulling guard coming to drill you.

You never wanted to hear, "Hasseman, you need to keep your

head on a swivel!" It probably meant you were on your back.

I hear that voice in my head now, but in a different way.

Whenever I go to a public place, I "keep my head on a swivel."

But now it's not because I am concerned with a pulling guard.

As an adult, it's because I want to be aware of others

around me.

I want to make sure I am not stepping in front of another


I try to look and make sure I am not bumping someone else

out of the way.

Mainly, I am trying to "keep my head on a swivel" so that I

am not making MY priority the only important task in the


We all get busy, but I think the world might be a bit of a

better place if we all kept "our head on a swivel" to look out

for the needs of others, not just our own.

Thanks so much for watching The Monday Minute.

 Kirby Hasseman is the owner of Hasseman Marketing and the author of Delivering Marketing Joy (a book about better promo!). He is dedicated to personal development and building the integrity of the promotional industry. He can be reached at
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