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Picks of the Week

6/17/2024 | Picks of the Week

mandi rudd

Sock 101 #CPS-MID

  1. 4 customizable panels that are printed
  2. Made of a printed mesh upper and a mesh lining
  3. Comfortable and easily forms to your foot.

When it comes to custom shoes, slides and slippers, Sock101 has it figured out! From all over designs, to PMS color matching, to full color design to custom everything. Your client will love wearing these fully customized shoes and showing off their brand at tradeshows, job fairs, around the office or to run errands. They're lightweight and super comfortable!

brooke beissel
Imprint Engine

FitBit Charge 6
Links Unlimited #GA05183-NA

  1. Only fitness tracker with Google built in
  2. Track your steps and daily routine
  3. Running your day has never been easier

Make counting steps fun with the FitBit Charge 6! This tech accessory not only tracks your steps throughout the day, but it also connects to apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Wallet. The band can also be laser etched for maximum brand exposure and is available in 3 colors.

dennis oglesby
Go2 Partners

Flashing Multi-Color Shoe Heel Light
Alight Promos #12054-MLT

  1. Great for fitness clubs, marathons, K's and more
  2. Promote night time safety along with a healthy lifestyle
  3. To activate, press the power button on the side of heel light for 2 light functions: color change and flash.

In the chaos of a busy week, how often does it seem the day gets away from you before you've had a chance to get your walk in? No need to worry. Snap these fun heel lights on the back of any sneakers and shine as you stroll. There are two built in functions for color change or flashing options. It's super easy to swap out between shoes or even wear these as bracelets. A great idea for any evening fitness event or even those summer parties!

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