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Simple Ways to Quickly Improve Marketing Videos

Easy, Low Cost Ideas

10/24/2023 | Now Trending

It often takes more than just text and images to capture people's attention today. Video is one of the most engaging ways businesses can attract new leads and drive interest in their company and its offering. Whether you are selling products online or providing in-person services, marketing videos can help get your message out quickly and effectively.

If you find your marketing videos to be flat, you don't have to spend a great deal of time or money to enhance them. Below are some quick and low-cost ways to improve marketing videos with minimal effort.


If you have little to no images to use for your videos, you can use stock photos and video footage to quickly make your videos much more interesting. Popular stock media websites such as Shutterstock and iStock offer an abundant selection of photos, illustrations and videos that cover an extensive array of subject matter.

The pricing at these websites are relatively low compared to hiring a photographer or videographer to shoot custom photos or video for you. Media can typically be licensed on a per item basis, but some stock media companies offer subscriptions that give you access to virtually unlimited content.

If you plan to publish a large amount of videos on a regular basis, your return-on-investment for a subscription could be very high. Before subscribing, you should know that licensing guidelines might be different from one stock item to another. Be sure your uses are within a stock item's guidelines before adding it to your video.

Using stock items for certain purposes may cost more than using them for others. For example, if you use a certain stock photo in a TV commercial, it may cost significantly more to license it than it would to post the photo on a website.

To bypass the cost and restrictions of paid stock media, you may opt to acquire stock images and video from a free stock website such as Pexels and Pixabay.


When creating videos for marketing, you should be as open as possible to new trends regarding formats and content ideas. Though you may personally prefer a standard widescreen format like that of a television, many popular video platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts display videos in a vertical format with relatively short play durations.

To expand your potential audience reach, you should strongly consider creating videos in a vertical format or creating vertical versions of your widescreen videos.

Modern video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro can be used to edit videos to fit all popular video dimensions and formats.

To attract the widest variety of leads with your videos, you may want to create videos in both long and short form. Making a variety of play lengths available may help to draw in viewers looking for concise overviews and viewers wanting to dive deeper into your company and its offerings.


Since people that watch videos are often on the go, many of them may watch videos with the sound off to not disturb people around them. To allow those viewers to consume your video content more completely, you can add subtitles for dialogue spoken in the video. Video platforms like YouTube allow subtitles to be enabled and disabled as needed by the viewer.

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