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Monday Minute

Find Common Ground

4/12/2021 | The Monday Minute

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Hey, this is Kirby Hasseman for the Monday Minute!

One thing I feel like we have lost in our culture today is discussion. Sincere...meaningful discussion. Oh don't get me wrong, we have debates. We have divisiveness. We have insults, arguments, vitriol, and accusations. But we have a real lack of discussion.

Now we can blame the media, social media, the algorithm, the pandemic, the political system...and more. But blaming is a pointless exercise and it only brings us back to the same circle. We can start to argue about who's to blame. I am not interested in that.

So here is my thought. If we want to have a real discussion...we need to find common ground. We need to back up from the insults and start the conversation where we actually agree. We need to create a foundational fact that both parties can agree on...and start the discussion from there.

For example, if two people are arguing about a political election, then you might start with "Can we agree that both candidates running want what's best for the community?" If the answer is yes...then I believe you might be able to have a discussion. You could actually talk about policies and what you think might move the community forward.

However, if both people CAN NOT agree to that foundational question...then there is no way this is going to be a discussion. It's going to be spirited for sure...but no one is going to change their mind...and both people are going to end up mad. There really is no point.

So that's my call today. Let's start having discussions again. And if we want to do that...we have to start by finding common ground.

Thanks for listening to my rant on this Monday Minute!

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