Monday Minute: How do you treat the waitress?
Everyone is nice to their boss. But how do you treat the waitress? 12/21/2020 | Kirby Hasseman, The Monday Minute

Hey everyone this is Kirby Hasseman with the Monday Minute.

I was out to dinner once with a person I considered a friend. Everything was going swimmingly until the waitress came out. As she took our drink order, the very beginning of dinner, I thought he was rude to her. I thought maybe I was being overly sensitive, so I let it go.

When she came back to take our order for dinner, however, he did it again. I can’t really even remember what he did, but it’s just like your mom said, “It’s not what you say but HOW you say it.”  When she walked away, I asked him, “What was that?” He didn’t even know he was doing it, and maybe that’s
the problem.

Everyone is nice to his or her boss. They have to be. Most people are nice to their peers.  But if you REALLY want to know the integrity of a person, watch how they treat people they don’t HAVE to be nice too.

If you are a jerk to the waitress, you are probably a jerk.

Be kind…to everyone.  That’s my message this week on the Monday Minute!

 Kirby Hasseman is the owner of Hasseman Marketing and the author of Delivering Marketing Joy (a book about better promo!). He is dedicated to personal development and building the integrity of the promotional industry. He can be reached at
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