The Challenge of Regional Accents
Bold industry predictions, a "Fashion Masterclass" for distributors, printing a retro newsletter, Athletes speak out on cheating, the Promo Person of the Week, & more
Rebranding of Hub - and Others That Might Want to Follow Suit
Coronavirus impact on business, impact of recent books, efficacy of the XFL, a brand management lesson from McDonald's, Promo Person of the Week, & more
Kirby & Bill Review the commercials during the "Big Game!"
Bill's ASI Show! experience, ASB forms a supplier advisory board, HALO acquires Axis Promotions, the Promo Person of the Week, & more!
The Top Ten Most Recognizable Logos in the United States
The death - and news coverage of - Kobe Bryant, life traveling a promo roadshow, predictions for, "The Big Game," Bill reveals his Promo Person of the Week & more!
PPAI Expo 2020 Recap
Thoughts on how Expo might evolve, the role of professional development at the show, the banned Nike shoe, the price of success, Promo Person of the Week, & more!
UnScripted at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas
Plane seat preferences, airline adult beverages, award show gift bags, the PromoPerson of the Week, and so much more!
Coca-Cola Has a New Subscription Service with New Flavors
unScripted goes video, Dale Denham's Online 18, gender-specific mentors, preparing for PPAI Expo, the PromoPerson of the Week, and so much more!
New Year's Resolutions and Lessons on Failure
How to frame your goals, vacation vs. staycation, how to approach failure, the greatest gift ever, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
The Ballad of the Sloping Toilet and Increasing Productivity
2019: the promo year in review, promo trends for 2020, working during the holidays, compliments that impact, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
LinkedIn Connection Abusers
The promo "silly season," strange election promo, clients who question integrity then ask for favors, the Promo Person of the Week, and more!
Walmart Has an Uncomfortable Holiday Sweater Situation!
The most expensive t-shirt in the history of ever, swearing when presenting at industry events, Pantone reveals their color fo the year for 2020, and more!
Corruption in the World of Promotional Products!!!
An all out argument about the term "swag," knowing when to leave a board conversation, empathy in marketing, changing bad habits, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
Expressing Gratitude to Employees
The changing needs of distributor sales reps (and working from home), winning a gold pyramid award, anxiety before speaking, the Promo Person of the Week, and more!
The Promo Potato!
The "I'm on it" anti-meth campaign in South Dakota, Hub Promotional Group going carbon neutral, promo distributors as breweries, the Promo Person of the Week & more!
Unconventional Newtorking with Clients
The perception of "memorable" promo, begging for consistency with holidays, the greatness of the Whataburger merchandise store, the Promo Person of the Week, & more!
Facebook Company Rebrand
More about the proposted Senate bill to curb government promo spend, twitter saying no to political ads, smart people, Promo Person of the Week and more!
Proposed Legislation Limiting Government Spending on Promo
When it's good to fail, the Miller Lite "unfollow us" campaign, the new emojis, ASI's Power 50 list, the Promo Person of the Week, and much more!
The alphabroder Ransomeware Attack - and Their Response
PPAI's Leadership Development Workshop, a special guest, the importance of "me" time, what makes a company innovative, the Promo Person of the Week, & more
Bill Gives a Review of His 8-Day Cruise!
The importance of end-user shows (and measuring ROI), Leadership Development Workshop, the most recognizable brands on twitter, the Promo Person of the Week, & more!
Wasting Marketing Dollars Due to Substandard Data
The marketing impact of college athletes profiting from their likeness, the best places to work, best way to waste time at work, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
Should Distributors Wear Branded Apparel at End-User Shows?
Proforma's Steve Wozniak announcement, staying in the loop with employees, embracing data privacy, the Promo Person of the Week, and More
What Makes for a Successful End-User Show?
When to start planning for PPAI Expo, skucamp review, being kind in moments of panic, Promo Person of the Week, and more!
Happiness vs. Joy as it Relates to Burnout
"The" Ohio State University (Rightfully) Denied, learnings from building a new event, real anger over an apparel line, marketing meatless burgers
Will Doritos Forgo Branding?
Unorthodox networking, Facebook removing like counts, places you find inspiration, Made in America trade show, the Promo Person of the Week, and more!
The Peanut M&M Conspiracy
Changes on the PPAI board, balancing unplugging and doing what you enjoy (work) on vacation, Hurricane Dorian, The Promo Person of the Week & more!
Popeye's Chicken Sandwich - Great marketing or supply issues?
Responsibilities in the client relationship, how big will distributors get, loyalty with business relationships, retail brands, the Promo Person of the Week & more!
We're like Nebraska!
Overqualified job applicants, shaping your mindset, job moves in the industry, knowing when to visit long-distance clients, the Promo Person of The Week & more!
Are bulletproof backpacks the next promo industry trend?
Celebrating seasoned industry professionals pushing us forward, Apple's declining innovation, Nike's subscription service, Promo Person of the Week & more!
What podcasts do you subscribe to?
Redefining success, Gen Z's trend for promo, Kirby's lessons from UnScripted, PromoPulse, the Promo Person of the Week & more!
Are Straws & Starbucks' new lids an important issue?
Kirby's review of the SkySprout Summit, QCA's program for distributors & decorators, keeping employees happy, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
What's that about conspiracy theories?
Bill's first Spark experience, cussing at work, the PromoPerson of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Will airlines keep serving alcohol?
What defines an entrepreneurial mindset, where you invest in education, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
New events and upgrades!
PromoMBA, upgrading technology, the death of iconic brands, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Have you seen the list of top distributors?
Bic/Hanes Partnership, PPAI's new board, Nike's newest controversy, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Companies, Brands, and Pride Month
Promo FOMO with WLC & Spark, adidas losings rights to its 3 stripes branding, bands with iconic branding, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Have you seen Miller Light's new promo?
When to stop content, the PPP FB group, Jon Stewart's trip to Congress, The Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Why don't more companies invest in solar power?
Internal policies on discounts versus free services, Wal-mart's changing uniforms, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
How do you decide to drive or fly?
Kirby's Impression of Expo East and all things Atlantic City, apparel trends we want to see, The Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
How do you create a cohesive community with remote staff?
The unsung heroes of the promotional products industry, what success looks like, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill In the Blank & more!
Let's Taco Bout The Bell!
PromoCorner's shift towards an agency, the weight of college degrees in the hiring process, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
The Tariff Increases.
L.E.A.D., social media's affect on keeping up with the Joneses, topics for unScripted, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill in the Blank & more!
No spoiler alerts!
The liquidation of a top 10 supplier, the road to an empty nest, ASI's "Tracking Trump" article, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill In the Blank & more!
Have you heard Taylor Swift has a new merch line?
Remembering David Woods, the Sales Safari at Kalahari, brick & mortar reinventions, the Promo Person of the week, Fill in the Blank & more!
Was 4/20 significant for the promo industry?
Collaboration, Price Fixing in the Industry, a Follow-up on Petrie's Perspective, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill In the Blank & more!
What do you think about Starbucks loyalty program changes?
PPB's Best promo companies to work for list, being on a regional board, combating the loneliness of working remote, the promo person of the week & more!
What to Expect in Atlantic City & Expo East
ASI's State & Regional Sales Report, Mark Cuban's take on mentorship, the Promo Person of the Week, Fill In the Blank & more!
Marketing a Classic Beer in the Craft Brew Era
Determining value on personal purchases, getting the most out of your team, news from Patagonia, Fill In the Blank & more!
Are text messages the next wave in marketing?
Kirby's hindsight of business building, Spotify's consolidation of podcasting, promo in esports, Fill in the Blank & more!
What if your brand was affiliated with Michael Jackson?
When to take on new opportunities, restaurant travel habits, where you consume content, Fill in the Blank & more!
What women are rocking our industry?
Changing professionalism, influencer marketing, promotional products in the curriculum for college marketing programs, Fill in The Blank & more!
Should we treat politics like sports?
Artificial Intelligence, the retail apocalypse, Fill in the Blank & More!
What would you do if you were on Nike's marketing team?
When to update websites, the big blowout and personal branding in college basketball, reviews, Fill in the Blank & more!
What does ice fishing have to do with business?
Knowing if entrepreneurship is right for you, your dream team of people to hang out with, handling when the customer is wrong, Fill in the Blank & more!
Why are we so resistant to change?
The value of feedback, price margins, the power of engagement on social media, Fill in the Blank & more!
Sales Farming... Reality vs Expectations
The big game ads, Kirby's journey to promo, the regional show forecast, Fill in the Blank & more!
Is your focus all on social media?
Ad blindness, Prospecting tips, the corporatization of the industry, Fill in the Blank & more!
Sharp Opinions On The Gillette Ad
Winning a GOLD Pyramid Award, the Expo experience, large distributors involvement in the regionals, Fill in the Blank & more!
LIVE from the PPAI Expo
Q&A from the audience about tariffs, manufacturing, cannabis, Fill in the Blank & more!
Are you ready for Las Vegas?
Preparing for the PPAI Expo, show etiquette, Fill in the Blank & more!
What books do you recommend to new employees?
The ROI of content marketing,the time between Christmas and the New Year, Bill's PromoErrday, Fill in the Blank & more!
Did you make your 2018 goals?
Content in 2019, shifts in retail, sparking your creativity, fill in the blank & more!
What's the value of college?
Pricing in printed catalogs, the role of the boss around the holidays, the value of college, Fill in the Blank & more!
What trends do you see for 2019?
Setting expectations for urgency, professional failures of 2018, product focus for catalogs, Fill in the Blank & more!
Have you heard about Pantone's color of the year?
College football, technology in the industry, facts compared to opinions, Fill in theBlank & more!
Did you participate in Giving Tuesday?
Trigger words, "not for work" merchandise, Hallmark movies, Fill in the Blank & more!
What's the most ridiculous topic yet?
The kindness challenge, food as gifts, job titles, Fill in the Blank & more!
Who's your hero?
The importance of culture in success, PPAI Awards, Expo, Fill in the Blank & more!
What can the industry learn from The Fast Company article?
Politics, cleaning, getting out to see customers, Fill in the Blank & more!
What's your favorite apparel decoration?
Sports sponsors, customer services when companies partner, candy corn, Fill in the Blank & more!
What is Marvel doing so well to market their movies?
Venting on the Promotional Products Professional page, unresponsive clients, Fill in the Blank & more!
What's your tips for time management?
LDW by PPAI, the PPEF, ASI's Power 50 List, Fill in the Blank & More!
How do you get back into your routine?
Why Kirby isn't the always the yellow part of the sponge, Ad week, fake orders, Fill in the Blank & more!
Increasing collaboration- live from Skucamp 2018
Skucamp 2018, New Orleans, travel habits, Fill in the Blank, & more!
What's your favorite entrepreneurial movie?
People movement around the industry, Dunkin' Donuts name change, Supplier rep changes, future industry trends, Fill in the Blank & more!
How do you use Promotional Products for Awareness?
Hub's acquisition of Origaudio, New China Tariffs, Targeting "National Fun Days" with Customers, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Where were you on 9/11?
Their Experiences During 9/11, Being Patient with Companies in the Hurricane's Path, US Open Finals, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Why do some Marketing stunts succeed and some fail?
Nike's New Campaign, Gen Z + Promo Products, Geiger's Promo Yoga Event, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Would you change a town's name for publicity?
Theft of Products at Tradeshows, Having a Non-Family Member Run Your Business, Meat, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Does rebranding always make a difference?
AIA's Admin Fee, Key Employees Leaving, PPAI's Board Candidates, Road Shows, Fill in the Blank, & more!
How does loyalty drive existing customers?
NALC, Financial Education, Space Force, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Is there a way to compare what you're doing on social?
Closing Hasseman Brewing Taproom, Finding Where Your Target Audience Lives, PPAI's Customer Service Super Heroes, Fill in the Blank, & more!
What day of the week do you prefer to take off?
Being Phony, commonsku's Visit to Coshocton, Distributors Partnering with Brick & Mortars, Fill in the Blank, & more!
What is your elevator pitch?
Going from Supplier to Distributor & vise versa, Filling in for an Employee, Bringing End Users to Tradeshows, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Do motivational quotes really work?
Too Much Exposure, China's Tariffs Impact on Promo, Motivational Quotes, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Is there promotional opportunity with reusable straws?
Factory Tours, Women In The Workplace, Plastic Straws, Fill in the Blank, & more!
What defines leadership?
Trump/Kim Jong Un Promo Products, LeBron's Move, Leadership, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Is it disrespectful to wear the American flag as fashion?
YouTube Influencer's Merchandise, WLC's Successful Promoting, American Flag As Apparel, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Concerns with Tariffs introduced by the Government.
Dale Denham's #Online18, Tariffs Affecting Our Industry, The Process of Promo Sales, Social Media Preferences, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Do you realize the importance of digital real estate?
The Importance of Digital Real Estate, PromoCares, Influencer Marketing, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Do recalls make you think differently about selling products?
Congrats to PPB's Rising Stars, Cannabis Promo Product Ban in Canada, Wireless Charger Recall, Fill in the Blank, & more!
How does airing dirty laundry really make you look?
Being uncomfortable, PPAI's Women of Achievement, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Episode 100!
A tribute to Fran Ford, Promotional Products Professionals Facebook Group, Episode Flashbacks, Fill in the Blank, & more!
What would you change about the promo industry?
PPAI L.E.A.D., YouTube Red, Social Media, Presidential Promo, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Do product bans impact how you sell promo items?
The benefits of "EME style" events, rebranding, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Promotional Products Work Week Special Edition
The important work PPAI does around Promotional Products Work Week!
How do you quantify creativity?
The various ways to generate ideas, is retail really dead, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Online Sales Tax Collection Laws Impact on the Promo Industry
Amazon delivering to the trunk of your car, irritating generalized Facebook content, which social media platform will be gone in two years, Fill in the Blank & more!
Protecting Your Company Against a Computer Virus
Managing multiple pieces of content, clothing brands preferred by teens, influencers boycotting Facebook, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Bill and Kirby's Excellent Adventure (Live at Snugz)
The value of multi-line reps, spending time on social media at work, unnecessary friction for an order, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Facebook Privacy Issues
The importance of volunteerism in the industry, do in-person supplier visits result in increased sales, Fill in the Blank, & more!
Communicating How U.S. Tariffs Against China To Your Customer
Racist(?) Heineken ad, PPAI L.E.A.D., the problem of striving for perfection, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Geiger Acquires UK's Largest Privately Owned Distributor
Self-driving Uber car kills a pedestrian, concerns over technology, Fill in the Blank & more!
Industry Brands Getting Things Right...and Wrong
Chuck Fandos retires from Brand Addition, Daylight Saving Time talk, promo menorah recall, Fill in the Blank & more!
PPAI Board - Construction and the Good Work They Do
Another kerfuffle on the Promotional Products Professionals Facebook page, brainstorming, augmented reality in promo, Fill in the Blank & More!
The Importance of Retail Brands in Promo
PR failures for the NFL, private equity buys Zorch, Bill goes on a rant, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Political Swag and the Supreme Court
Nickel and diming your audience, doing what you project, buffet talk, fill in the blank, and more!
Product Safety, Winter Olympics - Do You Care?
Living in the was/will be, Cleveland Indians logo, Kirby and Bill fight over the term "Hair Band," Fill in the Blank, and more!
"Big Game" Wrap-up, Supplier/Distributor Meetings
The lost art of debating, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Biggest Professional Failures/Lessons, Content Sharing
Facebook algorithms, the value of momentum, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Parent Brag, Winning Awards
Trade show season, difference between national and regional shows, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Live from the PPAI Expo Floor
Trade show talk, Expo improvements, standing out at the show, hotel choices, Fill in the Blank and more!
Trade Show Tips, Pregnancy Test Magazine Ad
Another kerfuffle on the Promotional Products Professionals Facebook page, must see's and must do's in Vegas, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Respecting the Time of Others Rant, Timing of ASI Orlando
Being authentically snarky, speaking in public, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Goodbye to 2017, Holiday Traditions
Looking ahead to 2018, work output expectations for the holiday week, Fill in the Blank, and more!
A Look at Personal Successes/Failures of 2017, #PromoChat
Having grace for mistakes, thoughts on companies closing for a week during the holidays, Christmas talk, Fill in the Blank, and more!
The alphabroder/Prime Merger, Pantone unveils color for 2018
PPAI responds to Oklahoma ban on swag, telling others what they "should" do, "Fill in the Blank," and more!
Oklahoma Prohibits State Spend on "Swag"
Kirby & Bill's education sessions at PPAI Expo, Gemline's partnership with RuMe, "Fill in the Blank," and more!
The Mob Mentality in Social Media
The Proliferation of Sexual Harassment in Society, "Overnight" Success, Effective Prospecting, Fill in the Blank, and More!
Little Things Making a BIG Difference
PPAI Expo, Supplier Awards, Black Friday Shopping, Fill in the Blank, & More!
Content Consistency, Target Stops Selling Fidget Spinners
Going Viral, Fill in the Blank, and More!
The Lanco Saga, Ragnar Race Promo Experience
Participating in No-Shave November, Fill in the Blank, and more!
ASI "Power 50" Comments, Customer Service Case Study,
College Football Sideline Antics; Fill in the Blank and more.
A Technology Failure Edition!
The importance of EXPO housing choice, managing remote employees, & fill in the blank!
End-user Show Success; Leadership Development Workshop;
Amazon Private Label Apparel; Making Sales and Losing Money; Fill in the Blank and more.
Reunion: The Good, the Bad, the Boring; Community Involvement
... and Being Charitable; CA Wildfires; Product Category Comfort Zones, and Fill in the Blank.
Productivity on the Road; Wrestling with Vegas Tragedy
Ohio Roundabouts; End-user Shows; and Fill in the Blank.
Special Edition: Day 1 skucamp Coverage – 'Flawsome'
Having a Purpose, Salesperson Continuity, Fill in the Blank, and more.
2017: What You Did Well, What Could Have You Done Better?
Buying a New Phone and Worst Tech Fears; Admirable Companies; High School Reunion Tips; and Fill in the Blank.
PromoCorner's Rebranding, Feedback; Fed Up with Pumpkin Spice
Emerging from the 'Grief Fog' and To-do Lists; PPAI Expo Reflections; and Fill-in-the-blank.
The Loss of a Dear Friend; ASI's Perception Survey;
Facebook Venting; Suppliers Going Retail: Good or Bad? Fill in the Blank and more.
Irma Concerns; Trump's Branded Headwear; Best Way to Teach;
Cultivating Trust, Initially; Proud Dad Moment; Fill in the Blank and more.
Harvey's Impact on Industry and Relief Efforts;
Getting Out of a Funk; Rep Your Squad Fan Service; Fill in the Blank and more.
Hasseman Brewing: Relief, Anxiety; PromoConnect
Walmart PromoShop; Gender Prejudice, ESPN's Robert Lee and more.
PPAI's NALC Feedback; New Pantone Color for Prince;
How Have YOU Evolved; Critiquing UnScripted and more.
What Makes a Good Debate? Respect! Obvious Headline?
ASI State of Industry; Social Media vs. Cold Calls; Demographics and Transitioning Media; Rebranding a the Swastica? C'mon!
PPAI's Spark Event
Passing on Credit Card Fees; OK State vs. Ohio State on "OSU" Trademark; Maintaining Focus on the Important Things and more.
Brand Rebuilding; Best Practices for End-user Shows;
Cultivating an Innovative Culture; Doing Things Differently; Microchip Implants and more.
Finding Time for Content Creation; Industry Price Fixing
Dealing with Burnout; Meditation and Unwinding; KFC's Crazy Merchandise; Superhuman, the TV Show; Favorite Prince Song
Buying Groups and Value; Facebook Hoaxes
Internal Friction Points and Making Things Simple; Evolving Social Media and more.
Fireworks Delayed, FB Lights Up; Making an Acquisition;
Pot and Promo Products; Startup the Podcast and more.
Fitness Objective Met, What's Next? Does Motivation Work?
Reviewing Your Goals: How Often? Favorite City for Sales Meetings; Fireworks and more.
Online Influencers: Connecting the Industry, Raising the Bar
Unplugged Vacations; Yeti Cease and Desists and Copyrights; Inspirational Quotes and more.
Computer Customer Service Woes and YOUR Customer's Experience
The Next Step in Content: Battle of the Apps; Are You a Salesperson or a Marketer? Who Were Your Mentors?
Annoying Group Messages; Profit-sapping Points of Angst;
Bill's Favorite Brew (It's Not Bud Light!); Snugz Soul Kix Promo Hits the Mark; Of Artists and Engineers; NBA, NHL Finals and More!
Content Marketing Consistency; Low Margin/High Volume Clients
New OPPA Event Format a Success; Coke Eliminates Chief Marketing Officer Position; Making Comparisons on Success; Thoughts on Confederate Monuments and more.
Feel Better Moves; One Product to Sell... What Would It Be?
PPAI Expo East; "Liking" Your Own Posts... C'mon! No Proof on Repeat Order; Volunteering in the Industry and more.
Lessons for New Sales Reps; Industries to Focus On.
Favorite Comedy Movies; Private Equity Money: Good or Bad for Industry? Native American Names For Sport Teams and more.
Summertime Blues Remedies; Fidget Spinner Fad.
Baby Showers for Men;
What Should PPAI Research? Targeted Communications.
Mount Rushmore of Promotional Products;
Social Media Pet Peeves; Tenacity vs. Reality.
Social Media Pet Peeves; Tenacity vs. Reality; Who Inspires You? Brand Loyalty – In the Grocery Store, and More.
Border Adjustment Tax; 1 and Done: Right or Wrong?
Biggest Challenges Down the Road; Content vs. Time Constraints
Pros/Cons of FB Promo Products Professionals Page; NBA Logo
Pros/Cons of FB Promo Products Professionals Page; NBA Logo; Disconnected Criticisms; Dov Charney's New Business; Board Games and more.
Promotional Products Work! Week; The Worst Promo Product
Brand-building Thought Processes; Meditation, Tony Romo and More.
Raiders Moving, Is Their Brand? Client Frustration
Business Owner or Employee? Reading Your Clients.
The "value" of industry leadership events and more.
Amusing Branding Fails and Quality Control; Lazy Realties.
Amazon's impact on delivery and expectations; LinkedIn changes; Green beer, Shamrock Shakes and more.
Petrie on PromoCorner Move; New iPhone and Promo Market.
Hasseman's Industry Pet Peeves;
Good vs. Bad Ads; Distributors Squeezing Suppliers
Kirby's book revised; Beyond relationships; What to look for in a supplier.
Pop-in Sales Calls; Plastic Bag Bans
Managing Multiple Big Projects; Most Difficult Things for Salespeople; Best Rock Debut Album and more.
Content Marketing: What Works, What Doesn't?
Content creation struggles;
From Music City: Super Bowl Recap; Team Loyalty; Commercials
In case you missed it, here's a re-broadcast of Bill and Kirby's live podcast from Nashville, which originally aired on Monday.
Biased News, Political Frustrations, (In)Tolerance & Business
Self-promotion problems; Disrupted over disruption; Shipping markups and Super Bowl munchies.
New Hire, New Thought Process? 2020 Profile of Success.
Is "partnership" overused? Super Bowl Thoughts and more.
PPAI Expo: Business Must Go On; Top Memories from the Show.
How competitive are you? Self doubt and getting out of your own way, and more.
Learning New Skills: Just Do It! What Will You Get from Expo?
Educational sessions, podcast, part-time distributors, Las Vegas dining and more.
Seasonal Pet Peeves; Holiday Greeting Grinches;
Not as good... but cheaper; SKUCon podcast; Favorite Christmas movies and more.
Qualities of the perfect hire; The role of color in branding.
Why I Expo? Favorite carols and cookies, and more.
Entrepreneurial Training in School; Out of Control Recruiting
Challenges in the New Year and more.
Setting, Achieving and Adjusting Goals; New Overtime Law.
Favorite outside the industry influencers; First and best concert?
Coke's Selfie-Stick: Madness or Genius? Thank-you Notes
Apple pie moonshine; The continuing Yeti saga; What are you thankful for, within the industry and outside of it?
American Apparel Saga; Road Trip Must Haves
Supporting Tee Hamilton; Adult Beverage Transparency; What Promo Product Would You Be?
Handling Sales Rep Transitions; Value of "Power 50" List.
New Talent Compensation Methods; Voting "Against"
Credit Card Fees; Sports Teams: What Happens to Losers' Goods
Do Not Reply Emails; The Lost Art of Patience
Tips for creating content; The value of industry certifications;
Questionable Distributor Brands; Give Back/Invest in Yourself
Must-have phone apps; Positivity needed and more.
Millennial Observations, Opinionated Content
Selling from a place of fear; Tips on Productivity and more.
Supplier Turnover Friction, Industry Mentors
Can't miss PPAI Expo events, pumpkin spice, Is the NFL killing football?
Get in Touch Campaign, Presidential Debate
Trending Colors, American Apparel, Industry Events: Changes Needed?
Elite Athletes of the Business World; Interested or Committed
Are totes environmentally friendly? Clean or messy? Auto signatures, technology-related obsolescence and more.
Seth Godin Takeaways; Opportunities in Crisis
Break it or fix it, window or aisle and more.
Losing a Key Employee; Bluetooth Headphones; Legal Begging
Also, Trade Show Food and Delivering Marketing Joy Milestone.
Online Proofing: Easier for Who? Product Recalls; Prospecting
Also: Company Stores, Colin Kaepernick and more.
Col. Sanders Scented Sunscreen; Who Do You Follow, and more.
Thanks for the Support; Self-fulfilling Prophecies; “Items”
Adult Coloring Books; Likeability: A-Rod, Barry Bonds and You
Regional Trade Show Challenges; Less Obvious Friction Points
Pretentious Job Titles, Motivating Music, Books and More.
ASI vs. PPAI, Proofing Artwork, Business Cards and More.
Pokemon Craze, Uber Experiment and more.
3D Printing, Social Media Snobs, and More
Negative People, Keeping Content Fresh, and More.