Don't Take That Away From Me
It's not just about you!
Monday Minute: Take Action
Most of us know what we want to have in life. There is usually one thing that's holding us back. We need to take more action.
Monday Minute: The Right Reason
So many of us want to do things for "the right reason."
Monday Minute
Too Much Thinking
The Monday Minute: Brain Dump
Sometimes we all get overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us. So what do we do?
The First 60 seconds
How do you stay positive? It's a tough question to answer, but I think it starts with the first 60 seconds of my day. Here's what I mean!
Monday Minute I Get To
Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, we need to make a simple shift. I needed to. I went from saying "I have to" and started saying "I get to."
What Can YOU Do?
This is the first day of Promotional Products Work Week!
Words have power.
Choose kind ones.
The Monday Minute: Sales is like Training a puppy
It takes a while to become an overnight success!
The Monday Minute: Be Willing To Put On The Cape
Everyone can be a superhero if we are willing to put on the cape.
Push Out the Good
If you push out good (eventually) good will come back your way.
You are NOT for Everyone
And that is Okay!
The Monday Minute
Stop comparing yourself to others
Renting Headspace To Others
Hijack your brain in a good way!
Give Thanks!
How often do you really spend time saying "thank you?"
Just One More
When you're tired, frustrated, impatient, remember this...
Compassion is Not a Feeling
It’s not about thoughts. It’s not about dreams. It’s about action.
Short Term short, make you look desperate!
Focus on Long Term Success
The Most Over-Used Word in Our Culture Today
How are you? How is the family? How is work?
The Monday Minute
Be Human
Pass or Fail
Recently, I had an epiphany about big goals.
Change Ahead!
12 months ago...this might have seemed weird!
Turn on the Light
Join Kirby every Monday for The Monday Minute. This week he talks about fumbling around in the dark...and other ways we tend to waste our time.