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Roger Burnett from Social Good Promotions
Building a business focused on around doing good
Work Less, Make More, and Play More
The secret way you can get found if you're lost.
PromoPulse Partners With Facilisgroup
The collaboration enables Facilis Partners to stay on the forefront of industry trends and information.
Off My Game
Sometimes, big things have a way of feeling bigger than they are.
Veterans and Promo
The importance of American veterans as it relates to promo.
Paving the Road of Good Intentions
Intentions are little more than fantasy when not followed by a directed purpose to create action.
Facebook Company Rebrand
More about the proposted Senate bill to curb government promo spend, twitter saying no to political ads, smart people, Promo Person of the Week and more!
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from the fine folks at Snugz the week of November 4, 2019!
Shake It Up
How do you turn and face the strange and unpredictable?
Demand for Healthcare Products is Year-Round
With companies emphasizing health and wellness programs, healthcare products are always in strong demand.
Brian Stidham from EMT
How to become an expert photographer!
Trying to Avoid Selling Steaks to a Vegetarian
“Privacy is a social norm of the past.” Mark Zuckerberg
The Importance of Company Culture
What is it and how is the RIGHT one built?
Fiddling While Your Business is Burning
The days of simply slapping a logo on a product and expecting that simple transaction to build the basis of a long-lasting relationship are over
Amazon Strikes Back
A rare swipe at suppliers...
Proposed Legislation Limiting Government Spending on Promo
When it's good to fail, the Miller Lite "unfollow us" campaign, the new emojis, ASI's Power 50 list, the Promo Person of the Week, and much more!
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from Storm Duds the week of October 28, 2019!
This is a Stick Up!
Magnets are significant silent salespeople.
Jamie Watson from Certified Marketing Consultants
Why profitability is king and how you can sell your company!
Greta Thunberg and the Future of Promo
Lessons from Greta Thunberg’s U.N. Speech and our next steps
PromoStandards Update
Live from PPAI's LDW event, David shares some PromoStandards updates!
Philanthropy: Whose Responsibility Is It?
Is it the distributor, supplier, or client?
Being Big Red in a Coke World - Revisited
There is always a way to compete against the industry giants.
The alphabroder Ransomeware Attack - and Their Response
PPAI's Leadership Development Workshop, a special guest, the importance of "me" time, what makes a company innovative, the Promo Person of the Week, & more
The PromoEffect - Edgewood Veterinary Hospital
Industry veteran, Dana Zezzo, surprises the employees of Edgewood Vet with Reflective Hats!