Digital Marketing
Full suite of marketing services
Leverage over 35,000 digital catalog pages
Drive business while saving time
Email Broadcasting
Reach up to 10,000 potential clients
Fully automated email marketing
Highest value for your marketing dollar
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalog
Create niches for your target audience
Updated by suppliers in real time
Digital Media Content
Targeted merchandise specials
Fully self-maintained and updated
Digital Marketing Program
Bundled services, maximum ROI
Daily exposure to stay top of mind
Completely customizable
Content Advertising
Daily content marketing
Created by industry thought leaders
Reach over 100,000 distributors each week
Email Broadcasting
Five days of exclusive promotion
Distributor and client safe forwarding
End user exposure
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalogs
Automated product search
Update as needed
Banner Advertising
Exclusive advertising on the PromoCorner website
Reach over 100,000 visitors per month
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from the week of December 10, 2018.
What about your “HOW”?
Lessons from Palessi
What trends do you see for 2019?
Setting expectations for urgency, professional failures of 2018, product focus for catalogs, Fill in the Blank & more!
14oz Alta Porcelain Series from Glass America
Keeping drinks hot and your hand cool!
Epoxy Dome Decoration Process from Gold Bond
Watch how the epoxy dome decoration process takes place.
A Goal is only a GOAL if it’s in Writing
Writing down goals quarterly.
7x9 Travelite Journal Set from Chameleon Like
Hold and take notes!
Caryn Kopp from Kopp Consulting
They discuss how to open doors to customers you want to see.
PVC Golf Putt Target from EMT
Refine your game & identify your bag!
Take It Personally!
Personal healthcare products are successful for more businesses than you expect.
Too Far Gone
Toughing it out isn't always the best medicine.
6-in-1 Divot Repair Tool from ReTee Golf
Sharpen and reuse broken tees on the course!
Your Spare Tire
A necessity to reach your destination.
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products from the week of December 3, 2018.
See the People
Stand out by making sales calls.
Have you heard about Pantone's color of the year?
College football, technology in the industry, facts compared to opinions, Fill in theBlank & more!
Liquid Chalk Erasable Wipe Off Markers from LiquiMark
The fun of sidewalk chalk you can bring inside!
Lanyards & Badges
Colorful, Unusual Styles Pack a Visual Punch
10 Easy Ways to Make Your Promo Customers Love You!
And build loyalty!
Warrior Action Camera from Hirsch Gift
Lots of attachments to make your action videos!
A hypothesis…IS ignorance bliss?
Knowledge is good.
Jay Busselle, Founder of Promochat
They discuss starting Promochat and why you need to put yourself out there.
Chisel Tip Dry Erase Marker from LiquiMark
When you want to keep your dry erase boards looking fancy!
Where Do You Work?
Environmental cues matter.
Gleaming Metal Mobile Ring Stand from Clegg Promo
If you like, you should put a ring on it!