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The alphabroder/Prime Merger, Pantone unveils color for 2018
PPAI responds to Oklahoma ban on swag, telling others what they "should" do, "Fill in the Blank," and more!
PromoErrday - BlueTooth Beanie by PrimeLine/AlphaBroader
A way to keep your head warm AND listen to tunes? Count us in!
This is a Stick Up!
No doubt about it – magnets are appreciated, and stickers are fun!
Four Ways to Profitably Grow Your Business, Part II
Explore and go more in-depth on the processes that will flatten the learning curve and fast track your opportunities in effectively growing your business.
PromoErrday - Intuition Twist Action Pen from Gold Bond
Excellent pen that writes great to make you look fabulous when you take notes!
Bestselling Author Mike Michalowicz
How to start a business, make it profitable, and riding the wave!
Identifying What Tasks To Outsource
Certain people can be more productive than others based on leadership.
PromoErrday - Spiral Stone Paper Notebook by Gold Bond
Keep your life organized with this handy errday notebook with recycled paper!
Bold Ideas on How to Build a Better Support Team
These tips are unvarnished and somewhat unconventional, the kind of tips I would share with someone over coffee
PromoErrday - Folding Virtual Reality 3D Glasses by Jetline
Virtual reality isn't for the future, it's here today!
Those Who Add Value, Win - Q1 Edition
Being mediocre as a Distributor at leading this process with your customers creates landfill.
Too Busy To Grow
When you allow being "too busy" to stop you from doing activities that will lead to business growth, then it really isn’t important to you.
PromoErrday - Weekly Wrap-up
See all the great products featured the week of December 4, 2017
Oklahoma Prohibits State Spend on "Swag"
Kirby & Bill's education sessions at PPAI Expo, Gemline's partnership with RuMe, "Fill in the Blank," and more!
PromoErrday - Mystique Stoneware Mug from Gold Bond
A very classy piece to spruce up your morning coffee or tea!
Favorite Holiday
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, or Taco Tuesday?
10 Things To Do Before 2018 Begins
It's a great time to review what went well in your promotional products business and what you can change for an even better and more prosperous 2018!
PromoErrday - Be-Safe Bracelet from Bay State
Keep the light on at night with this handy bracelet! Get it, handy... bracelet?
Tim Andrews from ASI on The Power 50
The ASI Power Summit, and the future of the industry!
Turn the Page
A year of changes leads to the possibility of dropping everything for an important family event
PromoErrday - Knit Headwear from BamBams
Stay warm and stylish with headwear made in the USA!
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Promo Salespeople
Exponential sales growth requires recruiting, getting the right people “on the bus.”
Always in the Last Place You Look
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” -Thomas Edison
PromoErrday - Kong Vacuum Tumbler from Gold Bond
Keep your drinks hot or cold for hours with this fabulous drinkware!
Is It Your Best Effort?
When you have a recall, you had better be able to document that…