7 Tips to Create the Perfect Promo Kit
Simple strategies for successful collections 7/28/2021 | Taylor Borst , Taylor's Take
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With the holidays just around the corner, kitted boxes are sure to be a top customer request for employee appreciation, customer gifts and initiatives to jumpstart the new year. Building a successful collection of kitted products can seem like a daunting task when first approaching. Let’s break it down and explore simple tips and elements to execute the perfect promo kit this season: 

  1. Build around emotion and intention.
    Upon opening a kitted box, what is the intended purpose and emotional response? Do you want someone to feel entertained, excited, impressed, happy? Are you inspiring people to connect, engage or take action? Determine your goal and build product, messaging and aesthetic around it.

  1. Custom packaging.
    Incorporate a custom box, custom tissue paper, custom ribbon and custom decals into the mix. These fine details may seem subtle, but once assembled, they completely elevate the full user experience.

  1. Include a mix of top promo categories.
    Represent the top-selling categories by including a mix of the following: 

  • Bags – backpacks, totes, cross-body, accessory bags 

  • Apparel – tshirts, crewnecks, socks, caps, scarves

  • Writing instruments – pens, highlighters and other accessories like notebooks or sticky notes

  • Drinkware – tumblers, mugs, bottles, can coolies, coasters, bottle openers, barware

  • Technology – Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, webcam covers, tech organizers

What’s even more important is that these products “speak” to each other – they must compliment one other rather than compete. In addition to these staple categories, be sure to include an unexpected item or two to keep them on their toes.

  1. Consider the five senses.
    Include a product selection in which a mix of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing are at play. 

  • Touch – include variety of textures – soft fabrics, matte finishes, marble elements, etc. 

  • Sight – bright colors, complimenting aesthetic, captivating imagery in custom pieces 

  • Smell – essential oils, candles, lip balm, lotion, wood and leather products 

  • Taste – food gifts – chocolate, cheese, cookies, wine 

  • Hearing – although you may need to get more creative with this sense, it can be accomplished through tech/sound products, incorporating multi-media elements via NFC technology (Near Field Communication) or other products that make noise such as toys, novelties, etc. 

  1. Ensure diversity in value.
    Create more interest and approachability in your collection by including products that represent different price point and value levels. It also shows a wider range to fit various budgets, ensuring a higher chance for product reorder in the future. 

  1. Don’t forget an insert card.
    Help the recipient understand what they’ve received, desired pricing, call-to-action, and messaging – or even a personalized note if it’s scalable. Use this valuable real estate to add meaning to the product within. 

  1. Incorporate Social.
    Don’t ship and dip. Engage your audience before, during and after they receive their custom kit and encourage them to share their responses with you and on social media. You can also record your own unboxing videos to help your audience understand your expertise and value add. If you are managing a large program, help customers develop and communicate an established hashtag to track organic content. 

When promo is done well, it defies the age-old stigma of an industry of “trinkets and trash”. Promotional products paired with mindful branding and strategic merchandising can be one of the most powerful approaches in advertising. It’s time to put all the pieces together to create something beautiful, memorable and beneficial in building customer success. 

Taylor Borst is Director of Marketing, Events & Public Relations for American Solutions for Business. Joining the print and promo industry in 2015, she specializes in social media, promotional products, and supplier relations. Taylor is currently a Sous Chef with PromoKitchen, board member for UMAPP, on the PSDA Emerging Leaders Committee and is an advocate for education and youth involvement in the industry. Connect with her on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.
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