The Big Break
See the people. 7/9/2019 | Roger Burnett, CAS, The Burn
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It doesn’t matter how many hours you’ve worked. It doesn’t matter that your logo is awesome and your color palette is on point. It doesn’t matter that your website is clean and tells a great story about your company, the good work you do and the ways you spread joy into the communities you live and work.

See the people.

Even for the most social creatures among us, staying determined to keep yourself out in front of the people making decisions about the worthiness of your efforts is the single biggest challenge of all.

See the people.

Here’s the worst part. When you see the people, when you invest the time and energy necessary to get out and talk to others trying to make their own way in this crazy mixed-up business climate we find ourselves in, you’ll make connections. Promising ones. People will tell you all kinds of things that in sales school were identified as “buying signals”. And then, just as quickly, they’ll ghost on you. No calls, no texts, no Snapchats. 

Don’t let it get you down. See some more people.

Staying in a constant state of discomfort is exciting to almost no-one, and putting in the time and effort to make new connections in person is a lot like going to the gym; no one REALLY looks forward to pain and struggle, but almost everyone feels good about themselves once the exercises are in the books. We may not like what it takes, but the results are the reward.

See. The. People.

I was on a flight recently and the passenger next to me struck up a conversation. I’m not known for shying away from interpersonal communication, but the plane is one place I typically reserve for some me-time. Having my sanctuary disrupted by a well-intended stranger was actually a massive opportunity in the making, and the potential of this new relationship has the opportunity to be the Big Break we’ve been looking for.

Say it with me. SEE THE PEOPLE! 

Digital celebrities will never replace the value of a real person to person connection. You might be able to sway some folks with a clever post or a witty meme, but the big break we all seek is sitting right out there in the people. It’s up to you to do the work to find yours.

I’m off to see the people. Cheers! 

Roger has spent 20+ years making complex concepts more understandable for both buyers and sellers alike, and has devoted the majority of his recent career to injecting purpose via philanthropy to his sales and marketing efforts. He’s intent on making the world a better place and his nirvana exists at the intersection of Mission, Passion, Profession and Vocation. He loves the outdoors and seeks memorable experiences whenever possible. Contact Roger at or 810-986-5369

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