Rallying for a Cause
Putting Differences Aside in the Name of Good
Tighten Your Prospecting Filter
Win Fast, Lose Faster
Document Your Impact
The Sum of Your Efforts is Bigger Than You Think
2021 Best. Year. Ever?
Captain's Log
Don’t Toil in Obscurity
It’s Your Responsibility to Use Your Gifts
Don’t Be Boring
Marketing in a Post Pandemic World
Trust, Inc.
Reimagining the Know-Like-Trust Continuum
Coming Through For Your Clients In Tough Times
The Power of Promo in Real Life
When you hang around with inspirational people, you're bound to be inspired.
Learn Your OWN 12 Steps
Most sales professionals give up too soon.
Be SO Good They Can't Ignore You
Make Yourself the Obvious Choice
100 shows 20,000 listens
Things I’ve learned in the process
You Can't Have the Story AND the Discount
Have you ever argued with a client over a request for a price reduction?
The Waiting (is the Hardest Part)
Smoothing the Broken Road to Yes
Work from Everywhere
The distributed workforce environment is a genie that will be difficult to get back in the bottle.
2020 – Best Year Ever?
Here’s to 2021
It’s Not the Product You’re Selling
What Do They CARE About?
Are shifts in attitudes fools gold for salespeople?
Be an Investment, Not an Expense
Businesses are reconsidering every dollar they spend. What's that mean for you?
Red Goldfish: Promo Edition
How Promotional Products Leverage Purpose to Increase Impact
When the Distractions Disappear
8 days. 8 nights. No internet. No cell coverage.
A Time to Be Confident
It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times - Charles Dickens
Despair and regret are powerful emotions.
The Long Haul
(An Ode to 50)
Lean on Me - RIP Bill Withers
Lean on me. When you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.
Ideas Are Currency
How focusing on your best ideas can lead to sales.
Best PPAI Expo, EVER.
Finding opportunity away from the madness.
2019 Best Year Ever
Here's to 2020.
Every New Beginning (Comes from Some Other Beginnings End)
You must continually and repeatedly seek to evolve your business.
Off My Game
Sometimes, big things have a way of feeling bigger than they are.
Your Customers are Waiting
Get planning for next year
Winning Isn't Everything
Mistimed predictions.
Stay The Course
Living Your Why
The Big Break
See the people.
Surprise and Delight for a Cause
The benefits of adventures for a good cause!
Persuasive vs. Compelling
Which one are you?
Does Your Brand Have a Values Gap?
When Mission & Visions Don't Match Actions
Show Your Work
This could be difference between you and the competition.
Look Inward to Stand Out
Let's make the world a better place.
What Does Your Brand Stand For?
Too Far Gone
Toughing it out isn't always the best medicine.
I Do It Myself
It's time to stop letting things stand in your way.
The World is Your Bullpen
Brainstorming with others are some of the best sales lessons.
Brands and Your Personal Ideology
Some portion of how we self-identify is rooted in that which we choose to surround ourselves with
Good Problems
Too many good things are happening all at once, and I’m having a hard time keeping up
2018 - Best. Year. Ever?
If today sucks, the year is certainly not ruined.
Be Better Than Yesterday
“Leave it all out there. If you’re not absolutely dead after this game, you may find yourself asking “what if?” Ryan Burnett
Social Selling from the Inside Out - Part 2
Sales has really never been anything more than math and determination.
Social Selling from the Inside Out - Part 1
Does content marketing work and can it supplant other methods of outbound sales using a people-centric sales model?
Make Social Media Personal Again
Scandal. Political Chaos. Racism. Bullying. Trolling.
The Phone Case is the New T-Shirt
An average smartphone user interacts with their devices 2,617 times each day - it's time for marketers to take advantage of that real estate!
2018: Best. Year. Ever.
It's time to be specific in making 2018 YOUR Best. Year. Ever.
Those Who Add Value, Win - Q1 Edition
Being mediocre as a Distributor at leading this process with your customers creates landfill.
My Year on the Road
A journey that was, both personally and professionally, meant only for Roger at this moment in time.
Personal Brand or Happy Accident?
Logo helps bring imaginary brand to life.
Other Band’s T-shirts
When you love a brand, you want to share the story behind it.
The Keys
Critical questions that need to be answered for organizational sales success.
Mama, I'm Comin' Home