Efficiency (and Safety) Gains from Technology
for the Promo & Aviation Industries
What's In Your Stack?
Streamlining Operations with Technology
New Phones and 5G - What's All The Hype?
Things to consider when upgrading your phones and devices.
Tech Talk
Join David Shultz as he talks about Edge Computing.
Tech Talk with David Shultz
PPAI Tech Week & PromoStandards
Cloud Computing
Why we should care!
Green Screen Tech and Tips
Learn how to background like a pro!
Virtual Meetings - Do's and Do Not's!
Great tips for maintaining professionalism as you participate in virtual meetings.
Tech Tips for Working From Home
Dave shares his best tools to getting the most out of working in your bathrobe!
Decorating Tech
Watch David highlight some really cool tech for decorating promotional products!
AR and NFC Update
New technologies emerging in the industry.
PPAI EXPO Tech Preview
Opportunities for tech education at PPAI Expo.
Technology Tools Presented at LDW
Increase collaboration and engagement with your customers
PromoStandards Update
Live from PPAI's LDW event, David shares some PromoStandards updates!
Preventing attacks that threaten your data, systems, and reputation
Apollo- Era Technology
Where is it today?
A preview of PromoStandards Workshop & PPAI's Tech Summit.
Why tech events matter to the Promotional Products Industry.
Technology + Purpose
Ways you can use technology to partner with companies that match your purpose.
Document Management Systems
Managing documents and the systems that can help!
Internet of Things
IoT and possible uses in the promo industry
AR and VR
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Uses In Promo
Marketing Automation
Resources to help you save time and build relationships.
Preview of Tech Topics at PPAI Expo 2019
Plan your tech education sessions now!
Product Presentations
The many ways to show clients your amazing products ideas!
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
The Whats, Whys and Hows of CRM.
Blockchain Technology
The distribution of data as an incorruptible digital ledger of transactions.
PPAI Tech Summit Recap
An event that has grown as a gathering for the industry's top technologists.
Order Management Systems
Manage your workload and simplify your life.
E-mail Marketing
Continues to be one of the most cost-effective ways to market.
Promo Standards
Standardizing data structures and communication protocols.
Basic SEO: Definitions, Key Points, and a Few Tools
A monthly video series designed to help leverage technology to grow your business.