2019 Best Year Ever
Here's to 2020. 1/14/2020 | Roger Burnett, CAS, The Burn
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Captains Log

Stardate: 1/2/2020

File in “Best Year Ever” experiment folder.

Dear Computer:

Year 2 of the “BestYearEver” project ends in much the same manner as Year 1’s conclusion. 

BestYearEver is not and has never been meant to exist as a set of measurables. There is no specific set of indicators, nor a dashboard present anywhere to measure specifics. BestYearEver has always been about mindset, about maintaining a sense of presence about your situation and detaching from the emotions of either success OR failure for the sake of seeing where things might go. This report gives me the chance to put the body of work together in one place, for posterity.

Using that set of criteria to file this report, I’ll say this. Adoption of that mantra has on more than one occasion this year saved my ass. If I wasn’t able to maintain a healthy eye on the positive during this extremely difficult period of growth for my Organization, I’m not sure I would have been able to maintain my focus on the intermediate and mid-term growth plan I so passionately believe in. 

Adopting a mantra and staying focused on the long-tern are the two things 
EVERY growing Company’s should add to your
90 and 120-day plans

We had a wedding in the family this year and an engagement that finds us readying ourselves for another new daughter in law in 2020. Our Regional Trade Association broke records with me  as their president this 50th anniversary year. PromoCares is nearing 900 Instagram followers and the PromoCares Radio podcast lives on to tell new stories of goodness from the Promotional Products industry twice every month and my So, You’re in Sales? podcast crossed the 10,000 listens threshold late last year. Devoting that amount of time to putting those things out there in addition to work makes for heavy lifting, and it had a way of getting the best of me a couple times last year, but all in all I’m proud of the body of work and feel confident that I can look back on the year that was 2019 and give a fist-bump, a nod of recognition and a confident turn of our attention to the new 12 game season that is the New Year.

Who’s with me? #2020BestYearEver!

Captain’s Log Out.

Roger has spent 20+ years making complex concepts more understandable for both buyers and sellers alike, and has devoted the majority of his recent career to injecting purpose via philanthropy to his sales and marketing efforts. He’s intent on making the world a better place and his nirvana exists at the intersection of Mission, Passion, Profession and Vocation. He loves the outdoors and seeks memorable experiences whenever possible. Contact Roger at roger@socialgoodpromotions.com or 810-986-5369.
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