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1 Total Reach - Choose multiple programs and save!

PromoCorner and Identity Marketing are doing what no one else is doing – expanding your TOTAL REACH with PromoFlash email programs and publishing Identity Marketing on a daily basis.

TOTAL REACH: Providing daily exposure with our PromoFlash email programs to 300,000+ distributors per week and 200,000+ end-users (through AutoFlash newsletter which contains the most recent client-safe email flyers, specials, videos, etc.) per month and providing weekly exposure to 100,000+ distributors via the newly formatted Identity Marketing daily magazine.

Allow us to completely customize a program suited just for you, your offering, and your budget... or select from one of our packages below.

Platinum   Rate
  • 52 full page ads in Identity Marketing
  • 26 Weeks of PromoFlash Programs
  • Unlimited PageFlip catalogs
for 12 months
Total Savings Over $6,719
Gold   Rate
  • 26 full page ads in Identity Marketing
  • 12 Weeks of PromoFlash Programs
  • Unlimited PageFlip catalogs
for 12 months
Total Savings Over $3,766
Silver   Rate
  • 12 full pages in Identity Marketing
  • 6 Weeks of PromoFlash Programs
  • Unlimited PageFlip catalogs
for 6 months
Total Savings Over $1,589

* You will be billed this amount monthly, regardless the number of PromoFlash blasts you use in the given month.
** You will be billed in the months that your magazine ad runs.

2 Identity Marketing Magazine

The only all-digital daily publication in the promotional products industry, employing the latest in HTML5 technology to create a digital format unlike any other in the industry!

  • New daily format with a REACH of over 100,000 distributors per week covering business topics, daily product categories, case studies new products, news and more.
  • Identity Marketing offers suppliers unique opportunities to tell their stories, introduce new products, etc. to distributors in ways that no other publication can – and connects readers directly to suppliers with a click of the mouse – providing them the information they require to act quickly.
Size Frequency/Rate
1x 4X 12X 24X 52X
Full Page $549 ea. 499 ea. 399 ea. 349 ea. 299 ea.
Bonus Coverage
Top Banner $1,500
Skyscraper/Side Branding $2,250
Embedded Video $500 (must provide YouTube embed link)
Mechanical Specification
  • PDF file with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi.
  • Full page: 8.5" x 11"
Additional Features Specification
Issue Drop Date Main Feature Space Reservation Ad Materials Due FREE Editorial
​1/2/2017​ ​​2017​ ​New​ ​Products​ ​Preview ​​12/19/16​ ​12/21/16 Submission
​1/9/2017​ Tech​ ​Accessories​ ​​12/26/16​ ​12/28/16 Submission
​1/16/2017 Trade​ ​Show​ ​Products ​​1/2/2017​ ​1/4/2017 Submission
​1/23/2017​ ​​Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​1/9/2017​ ​1/11/2017 Submission
​1/30/2017​ ​​Health​ ​Products​ 1/16/2017 ​1/18/2017 Submission
​2/6/2017​ ​​U.S.​ ​Made​ ​​1/23/2017 ​1/25/2017 Submission
​2/13/2017 ​​Corporate​ ​Apparel ​​1/30/2017​ ​2/1/2017 Submission
​2/20/2017 ​​Bar/Restaurant​ ​Products​ 2/6/2017 ​2/8/2017 Submission
​2/27/2017 Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​2/13/2017​ ​2/15/2017 Submission
​3/6/2017 ​​Desk/Office​ ​Products​ ​​2/20/2017​ ​2/22/2017 Submission
​3/13/2017 Headwear ​​2/27/2017​ ​3/1/2017 Submission
​3/20/2017​ Automotive​ ​Products ​​3/6/2017​ ​3/8/2017 Submission
​3/27/2017​ Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​3/13/2017​ ​3/15/2017 Submission
​4/3/2017​ Performance​ ​Apparel 3/20/2017​ 3/22/2017 Submission
​4/10/2017 Golf​ 3/27/2017​ ​3/29/2017 Submission
​4/17/2017 ​​Bags/Totes/Luggage​ 4/3/2017​ ​4/5/2017 Submission
​4/24/2017​ Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal ​​4/10/2017​ ​4/12/2017 Submission
​5/1/2017​ Safety​ ​Products​ ​​4/17/2017​ ​4/19/2017 Submission
​5/8/2017​ ​​Women’s​ ​Wear ​​4/24/2017 ​4/26/2017 Submission
​5/15/2017 ​​Gym/Fitness​ ​Products ​​5/1/2017​ 5/3/2017 Submission
​5/22/2017​ ​​Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​5/8/2017​ 5/10/2017 Submission
​5/29/2017​ ​​Writing​ ​Instruments​ ​​5/15/2017 ​5/17/2017 Submission
​6/6/2017​ ​​Uniforms​ ​​5/22/2017​ 5/24/2017 Submission
​6/12/2017​ ​​T-shirts ​​5/29/2017 ​5/31/2017 Submission
​6/19/2017 ​​Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​6/5/2017​ ​6/7/2017 Submission
​6/26/2017 Beach​ ​Products ​​6/12/2017 ​6/14/2017 Submission
​7/3/2017 ​​Wine​ ​Accessories​ ​​6/19/2017 ​6/21/2017 Submission
​7/10/2017 Towels/Robes/Blankets ​​6/26/2017​ ​6/28/2017 Submission
​7/17/2017 Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal ​​7/3/2017 ​7/5/2017 Submission
​7/24/2017​ Back​ ​to​ ​School ​​7/10/2017 ​7/11/2017 Submission
​7/31/2017​ ​​Umbrellas ​​7/17/2017 ​7/19/2017 Submission
​8/7/2017​ BBQ/Picnic/Tailgate​ ​​7/24/2017 ​7/26/2017 Submission
​8/14/2017​ ​​Sports/Cheer​ 7/31/2017 ​8/2/2017 Submission
​8/21/2017 Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​8/7/2017​ 8/9/2017 Submission
​8/28/2017​ Drinkware​ 8/14/2017​ ​8/16/2017 Submission
​9/4/2017 ​​Calendars/Diaries/Planners ​​8/21/2017​ ​8/23/2017 Submission
​9/11/2017 Awareness​ ​Products​ 8/28/2017​ 8/30/2017 Submission
​9/18/2017​ Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​9/4/2017​ 9/6/2017 Submission
​9/25/2017 ​​Phone/Tablet​ ​Accessories​ 9/11/2017 ​9/13/2017 Submission
​10/2/2017​ ​​Watches/Clocks 9/18/2017​ ​9/20/2017 Submission
​10/9/2017​ ​​2017​ ​Readers'​ ​Choice​ ​Awards​ 9/25/2017​ ​9/27/2017 Submission
​10/16/2017 Foods/Candy/Beverages​ ​​10/2/2017 ​10/4/2017 Submission
​10/23/2017 Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal ​​10/9/2017 ​10/11/2017 Submission
​10/30/2017 ​​Awards/Recognition​ ​​10/16/2017​ ​10/18/2017 Submission
​11/6/2017​ Holiday​ ​Gifts​ ​​10/23/2017​ ​10/25/2017 Submission
​11/13/2017 Kitchen/Household​ 10/30/2017 ​11/1/2017 Submission
​11/20/2017 ​​Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal ​​11/6/2017​ ​11/8/2017 Submission
​11/27/2017​ Buttons/Pins ​​11/13/2017​ 11/15/2017 Submission
​12/4/2017 Outerwear ​​11/20/2017 ​11/22/2017 Submission
​12/11/2017​ Magnets/Stickers/Labels/Decals​ ​​11/27/2017​ ​11/29/2017 Submission
​12/18/2017 Best​ ​of​ ​2017​ ​​12/4/2017​ ​12/6/2017 Submission
​12/25/2017​ Up​ ​Close​ ​&​ ​Personal​ ​​12/11/2017 12/13/2017 Submission

3 PromoFlash Emails

In 2017, with each PromoFlash email program, you will receive:

  • Largest TOTAL REACH in the industry! Five days of email coverage with a TOTAL REACH of 300,000 per week (1.2 million per month!) – your scheduled individual email, Daily Digest that day and each day following, and Weekly Digest on Friday.

  • Your previous three email thumbnails are featured on the bottom of your current email promotion. We also spotlight your PromoFlash on PromoCorner's home page, as well as our end-user website PromoSaver.

  • New and improved 24-7 analytics tracking. Every email tracked live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stats include total views, click-thrus, end-user views, sample requests, etc.

PromoFlash Reach Programs Rate per PromoFlash
52 Week Program - 260 business days of REACH! 
52 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 260 daily digests + 52 weekly digests + 26 end-user digests
26 Week Program - 130 business days of REACH! 
26 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 130 daily digests + 26 weekly digests + 13 end-user digests
12 Week Program - 60 business days of REACH!
12 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 60 daily digests + 12 weekly digests + 6 end-user digests
6 Week Program - 30 business days of REACH!
6 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 30 daily digests + 6 weekly digests + 3 end-user digests
4 Week Program - 20 business days of REACH!
4 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 20 daily digests + 4 weekly digests + 2 end-user digests
4 Week TRIAL*** Program - 20 business days of REACH! 
4 Exclusive PromoFlash Broadcasts + 20 daily digests + 4 weekly digests + 2 end-user digests
$1399 total

* Programs of 52 or more will be subject to minimum monthly charge of $1396 and all PromoFlashes must be used within 365 days.
** Programs of 26 broadcasts will be subject to a minimum monthly charge of $798 and all PromoFlashes must be used within 365 days.
*** New customers only, must be prepaid and used within 8 weeks.

Every PromoFlash includes the following: (when comparing services please keep the following "extras" in mind, they play an important role in your campaign's overall success.)

No Charge Service
Scheduled broadcast - a designated time when we broadcast your email. A buffer of 30 minutes is always provided between broadcasts.
5 Days of Promotions - Each exclusive PromoFlash will be promoted for 5 consecutive days.
Distributor Forwarding - Distributors can easily and quickly forward your PromoFlash to colleagues, associates, and sales personnel.
Client-Safe Forwarding - Distributors can easily and quickly forward a client-safe version of your flyer to their customers and prospects.
Contact Requests - Distributors may easily contact you regarding placing orders and product questions.
Spotlighted on Home Pages - Your PromoFlash is also listed on the home pages of both PromoCorner.com and our client-safe site PromoSaver.us, the day it runs.
Archival - All PromoFlashes are archived on PromoCorner.com for the entire duration of the special. Distributors can find your archived PromoFlashes via company name, keyword, and  subject searches.
24-7 Stats - Every broadcast you send is tracked live, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two years. But watch out, stat watching can becoming very addicting. Stats include, opens, click-thrus, samples and contact requests, product views, and more.
End-User Exposure - Your products are posted on our client-safe website, PromoSaver.us which is directly linked to over 100 distributor websites so your products are viewed by thousands of END-USERS AND BUYERS.
End-User Digest - Your client-safe version is included on our end-user digest, which is emailed every other week to over 75,000 distributor clients.
Daily and Weekly Recap Inclusion - Your email broadcast flyer is included in our daily and weekly recaps to thousands more distributors who don’t want to get every email all day long. ONLY PromoCorner.com gives distributors the choice of a daily or weekly recap.
Social Media Connectors - With a single click of a button you and your distributors can add your flyer to Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

4 Identity Collection

A special digital supplement featuring a specific product category. Advertisers will receive two full pages in each supplement and be included in four daily digest emails. Each supplement will also be emailed 4X to our 45,000 distributors. Identity Collection supplements can be personalized by distributors as well as forwarded to customers, posted to social media, and embedded on their own websites.

Identity Collection - View Example.   Exposure 5-days a week. includes up-to-the minute live stats, including, views and click-thrus. Specs: PDF file with minimum resolution of 150dpi. Size: 8.5"W x 11"H Rate per Month
February - Writing Instruments (2/26/2017) $499
March - Golf (3/6/2017) $499
April - USA Made (4/3/2017) $499
May - Health & Wellness (5/1/2017) $499
June - Technology, Desk, Office (6/5/2017) $499
August - Calendars, Diaires, Planners (8/7/2017) $499
September - Holiday Gifts, Food (9/4/2017) $499
December - New Products Preview (12/4/2017) $499

4 Spotlight and Banner Advertising

PromoCorner Web Advertising - MORE VIEWS FOR FEWER DOLLARS...

Daily/Weekly Digest - View Example (banner at top of digest) Approximately 150,000 + views per month are generated from this spot. Banner appears on all daily and weekly digest Emails. Exposure 5-days a week. Limited to 2 banners. Includes up-to-the minute live stats, including, views and click-thrus. Specs: 800px W x 150px H - jpg, gif, png Rate per Month
3 Months $3000/month
6 Months $2500/month
12 Months $2000/month
Product Spotlight Premier - View Example (opening banner in center)Approximately 100,000 + views per month are generated from this spot on our home page. Ad spot opens first then changes every 20 seconds with three other suppliers and will be highlighted with cursor. Plus you are included in every daily and weekly digest. Art can change every 2 weeks. includes up-to-the minute live stats, including, views and click-thrus. Specs: 800px W x 417px H - jpg, gif, png Rate per Month
3 Months $2500/month
6 Months $2000/month
12 Months $1500/month
Product Spotlight - View Example (banner in center, after initial premier spotlight)Approximately 50,000 + views per month are generated from this spot. Art can change every 2 weeks. Include up-to-the minute live stats, including, views and click-thrus. Specs: 800px W x 417px H - jpg, gif, png Rate per Month
3 Months $1250/month
6 Months $1000/month
12 Months $750/month
Banner - View Example (tower banner on left or right hand side)Approximately 100,000 + views per month are generated from this spot. Ad displays on virtually every page of PromoCorner. Art can change every 2 weeks. Include up-to-the minute live stats, including, views and click-thrus. Specs: 190px W x 885 px H - jpg, gif, png Rate per Month
3 Months $2000/month
6 Months $1500/month
12 Months $1250/month

5 PageFlip Digital Catalogs

A digital catalog from PromoCorner.com is like NO OTHER digital catalog in the industry.

PageFlip Digital CatalogsOur PageFlip digital catalogs provide for a unique and enjoyable experience for browsing through a catalog. Price includes 2 broadcasts of your PageFlip in our custom template in addition to posting on our main site. You will also receive links/code for adding your catalog to your own website. Cost
Unlimited Catalogs (thru 8/31/2017) $495
No Charge Service
Unlimited Catalog Creation through 8/31/2017 - Create as many PageFlip catalogs as you want!
Unlimited Pages - From 4 pages to 300 pages there are no additional charges.
Customizable - Distributors may customize your catalog as their own.
Free Emails - Every PageFlip program includes 2 broadcasts of any of your catalogs to our subscriber list of over 45,000 distributors. PageFlips are emailed within our own template system so there is no need to submit art.
Stats/Marketing Information - Exclusive stats reports will tell you live 24/7 how many people opened your catalog and what pages were looked at most.
Automated Product Search - Readers need only put in a style name, style number or keyword to be taken directly to the page the product is on in your PageFlip.
PageFlip Technology - Click the page corner or page arrows, and the page turns just like a real catalog.
High Quality Zoom - Zoom in on a product or description with little to no loss in quality.
Catalog Forwarding - Every catalog comes with a built-in form for forwarding your catalog to a friend.
Free Updates - The power of digital catalogs is you are not married to printing and publishing errors. Want to increase prices?  No problem. Simply resubmit your new pdf catalog and we will update your PageFlip at no additional charge up to 3X throughout the year.
All Code - Link to your catalog, place the catalog on your own website, the choices are yours.


  1. We require a PDF document saved with the "Standard" setting. 
  2. Please make sure that all fonts are embedded. Our catalogs include a built-in search function. In order for this to work please do not outline or convert fonts to curves. Doing so will prevent your catalog from being searchable.
  3. Catalogs must be in numerical order, please do not submit catalogs as spreads or in nonnumeric order.
  4. Please submit catalog  as a single PDF file. Do not submit individual PDF files for each page.
  5. In most instances we can assist you in formatting your PDF correctly, however, additional art charges may apply.

To submit your catalog please use the following website link:
PromoCorner SendIt

Thank you for all your help in getting these all set up and sent out. We had a rough few couple of months when I first started with other e-blast and promotional companies, but you and your team at PromoCorner have been an absolute pleasure to work with.
Matthew Savoury | Garyline

We’ve had a very good experience with PromoCorner this year. The staff is very professional and very easy to work with.
Jerome Hoxton, President | True Art Advertising Calendars

Galactic Balloons has been using the PromoCorner.com email service for over 10 years. Their new “AutoFlash” service which gets my promotions to the distributor’s customer, the actual buyer, is the biggest bonus in the industry. We email twice a month with PromoCorner.com and our products have been viewed over 64,000 times each month over the past year. Great programs, great results, and great service set them apart from any other email service in the industry.
Terry Brizz, President | Galactic Balloons

For over 10 years, Warwick has been using every program that PromoCorner.com has, for one simple reason... no, make that two simple reasons... #1, they work, and #2, they make it soooo easy!  We do weekly emails, sales videos, have a banner ad on the PromoCorner site, advertise on their weekly video show and participate in digital theme catalogs. We monitor all of our advertising and if it doesn’t get results, we don’t continue with it. Our products are viewed over 200,000 times a month with PromoCorner.com and in this industry, being in front of the distributor AND his customer is the name of the game.  Needless to say, we will continue using PromoCorner.com for that #1 simple reason... it works.
Phil Martin, National Sales Manager | Warwick Publishing

I’ve been using PromoCorner email services for over 8 years and the results continue to be great. There is no other service of any kind in the industry, that can put the Pilot Pen brand in front of so many distributors AND their customers for such a low price. We send two emails a month with PromoCorner and average over 57,000 views each month. When you have a cost of under a penny to have your products viewed, there is no better deal out there. and now getting the Pilot name to over 125,000 end-users is a phenomenal bonus!
Brian McCoy, General Manager | Pilot Corp. of America

We have loved PromoCorner since day one! Great service and great products. The return on our investment is by far the best when comparing to other services. We appreciate the staff and their efforts in making sure our communications get out to our distributors, are timely, and accurately done. Best of the best!
Joe T. Nguyen, CEO | Better Life Industries, LLC

I have been in the promotional products industry for 21 years and I can honestly say I look at PromoCorner specials on a daily bases. I love the email fliers that I can easily forward over to my customers. Each day when opening their emails, I have in mind the projects I am working on for that day and see if any of the specials fit my customer's needs at that time. I love it!
Sondra Wray | AIA/Corporate Recognition, LLC

Short and Sweet...Whenever a customer mentions interest in an item or idea for which I don’t automatically have a “go supplier” in mind, I ALWAYS check out PromoFlash Daily and often find a solution. It also helps me see what’s on sale where, and I then am able to keep those things in mind when suggesting “current promotions” to customers / prospects. By the way, I never delete PromoFlash Daily until I have received a new one.
Cecilia Webb, V.P. Sales | W.D. Webb Printing Services – ASI 353411

Knobby Krafters Inc , in 2013 decided after many years with our own (likely stale) email lists and monthly blasts to try something new.  Dick Reuter (Go Graphics) convinced us to try the PromoCorner emails. He has taken the stress out of designing them and we are trying to be diligent in sending out a couple per month. We have noticed increasing requests for samples and catalogs after each email and hopefully as many orders will follow!
Mary Jo Brunell | Knobby Krafters Inc

Your email service is great and more suppliers should use it. Not only do we get hundreds of ideas from the email and see new suppliers and specials. It reduces all the other emails we get into one email with 20-30 different suppliers.  Great job! Keep up the good work. More and more of my emails get deleted as there are too many BUT not yours.
Hallmark Promotions, Inc.

Love the fact that we receive so many advertised products by different vendors at the same time. Love the products and enjoy perusing the ads every day.
D Milliken | Transmogrify

I have enjoyed using your help.
Frank Casanta | Super Star Promotions

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my PromoCorner emails! The functionality to share vendor flyers on our social media site makes PromoCorner a most valuable tool. I always seem to find a good deal and something to share with a valued client as well. Keep up the great work!
Linda Toomey | Monkeywise Marketing

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the services you provide. I've been in the Promotional Products industry as a distributor since 1984 and have subscribed to ASI, SAGE etc. for years. Now, thanks to PromoCorner, I can gather most of the research information necessary without costly subscriptions. I encourage all suppliers to check out what PromoCorner has to offer us distributors.
Steve A. George | Blue Dawg Promotions

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know I appreciate PromoCorner's services. Just this week I was able to save a customer a nice chunk of change, put more money in my pocket, and place the order with a supplier I am more comfortable with. All this on one order because of one flier I saw. The order was sent to Glass America because of the flier special I saw with the special on the 16 oz Carnival tumblers. One PromoFlash seems to have made 4 parties happy, most importantly, my client, myself, the supplier, and you... knowing your efforts are paying off. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Logan Wade | Authorized Kaeser and Blair Dealer

I check out the PromoCorner emails almost every day, and I save the ones that are pertinent to projects at hand. They are a good digest version of the best promotions and new product launches out there.
Aly Salz, MBA | Righteous Clothing Agency

I’ve known Joel Moore for years in a different business capacity and can vouch for his business acumen and integrity but it wasn’t until I finally decided to try PromoCorner that I truly discovered the extent of his marketing and communication skills.  PromoCorner is an invaluable member of our marketing team. Between the website link, social media tools, and unlimited email broadcasting, I strongly urge you to at least try it. It is practical, cost effective, and easy to use, but most importantly, it WORKS! We have seen a steady influx of business result from PromoCorner that we normally wouldn’t have had during these trying times. Don’t waste any more time. Give it a shot. It’s a great tool which when used properly will give you fantastic exposure with guaranteed results.
H. Ramon Rivas, Pres. | MARKETING DYNAMICS, INC. (PPAI #39027)

I frequently use the flyers, emailing them to my clients either on an individual basis if I feel the item might interest them, or a mass email. And yes, it works! One recent mass email stands out. Not only did it generate a nice order, 1,000 of the particular item I mass emailed, but from a client who had not ordered from me for nearly five years! What made the order even sweeter was that this client is over 300 miles from my place of business (this is only one example of many)!
Ted Thomas

As a matter of fact, we just received 2 orders today because of our association with PromoCorner.com.  Our customer saw our specials that we receive from PromoCorner.com and use in our marketing efforts, and on Monday we will be sending a new order to Prime Line and also one to Pacific Western. Thanks guys!
Michael E. Myers | Promote Source

We have found that staying in front of our customers with the bi-weekly PromoFlash, has helped us get orders and keep our name in front of those customers regularly. We get higher than industry open rate and click rate based on our Mail Chimp statistics. We are pleased with the results. I would suggest that your advertisers be careful about what they put on their flyers. We have had to remove a few that seem to not be end-user friendly. Other than that, it’s a winner.
Paul Jackson | PS Advertising

PromoCorner.com serves as a great source for us distributors to become aware of new products in our industry, it brings other items to the fore front of our attention as we select product lines to present our customers, as they elect what makes the final cut. Thanks for the service.
Juan Carlos Lopez | NEMA Associates, Inc./ASI#282191

PromoCorner is an appreciated email service that never goes unread. Their emails are current, relevent, AND saved for reference. Most the suppliers he represents are reliable and established within the industry, and allow us to keep one email containing all their various current Specials...Keep them coming!!
Phil | P.W.Enterprises

I read PromoCorner emails daily and save them for up to 3 months, depending upon the expiration date of the sale or product. Your emails have directly resulted in my securing 4 extra orders from my clients using the suppliers in your emails. I receive the emails individually as well as daily summaries. Thank you for the great work in bringing the suppliers closer to me.
Gary Loeb, President | Chezgal Merchandising Creations

We do not have the time to read the 150 or so emails we get each day. Always happy to get yours. We just scroll down and if we see something that is currently in our sights we will investigate with that supplier. We save a lot of time and time = $$.

PromoCorner has been a great marketing tool for my company. From flyers, supplier contacts, product emails, product searching, PromoFlash... and the list goes on. Keep up the great work.
Maureen Zavadil | MandM Advertising

I review all of the emails as often I find a supplier running a special on a item I might be looking for. this is an invaluable tool for me.
Larry L. Konfirst, President | Konfirst Consulting LLC

PromoCorner has driven many distributors our way that have resulted in new business opportunities – We feel our exposure through them has served us very well.
Sheila Shechtman, CEO | Gifted Expressions

I don’t know about the rest of the dealers but your site has been extremely valuable to me as Specialty Advertising dealer for over 30 years. There are always new items coming out and some old ones I had forgotten and your website is an excellent search engine for these items.
Phil Wilhelm, Authorized Dealer | Kaeser and Blair Inc.

I do appreciate the PromoFlashes featuring various supplier specials. Sometimes something will be featured that I have been hunting for for awhile, and there it is! Other times, a new product will be featured that I'll forward to one of my clients to give them a fresh idea!
Randy Gorringe | Geiger

Thank you for keeping the current specials in front of my eyes.

I have always enjoyed getting your emails. Often times, there are flyers that you email from suppliers that I have not seen. Yours is one of the most informative email blasts that we receive at our company. We hope it continues.
Heather Skelton | Image Marketing, Inc.

I have been in this industry for over 30 years. When I first started out,I used hard-backed books to research products. With the dawn of the internet, research has become one of my least time-consuming steps. Your site - PromoCorner.COM has been a tremendous help to me since it has many things I need in one place: IDENTITY MAGAZINE (easier than the printed version), SPECIALS (product and supplier coupons), VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW (would be nice if more suppliers showcased). Keep up the great work.
Maggie Guglielmo, CAS | Flags and Specialties

When we decided to use PromoCorner’s PromoFlash service we weren’t quite sure what the response would be. We were SO pleased with the results we received! We had great click rates: opens, click-throughs, sample and catalog requests to name just a few. The greatest thing is being able to see real-time stats on our PromoFlashes – we can check and recheck and watch those numbers climb! The customer service is excellent – whether reminding you about artwork due, helping to get the artwork in an acceptable format, or just any questions at all that you may have – they’re on top of it and respond promptly. I highly recommend PromoCorner!
Shelley Knoblauch | Aloe Up Suncare Products

I would like to thank you for the emails and updates I receive from you. Your emails have helped me in keeping current with any specials and new products to present to my clients. Thank you for your service.
Jeff Davis | Diamond Business Graphics

We receive our Promo Corner PromoFlash email daily and love it!! This is by far the very best way for distributors to see what's available from our suppliers in an instant. It brings supplier products and specials to the forefront and allows me to see them daily without any effort. When I'm super busy (which is always!!) PromoCorner is the most time effective way to check products and specials. Researching items on ASI's ESP website is all fine and good... but very, very time consuming. PromoCorner is an instant "research" tool and a welcome daily email. Thank you!!
Ellen DeLucia, President | Serious Signs and Specialties

I love PromoFlash Daily. It has introduced me to so many new supplier. If someone has a special going on, so many opportunities I cant mention them all. Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing more daily deals.
Teresa Freeman | CUSTOM SIGNS and GRAPHICS

We love getting our promo ads. Sometimes we want something but not sure what to get and in pops your ad. They really do help us help our customers. Thanks again. Love love love them.
Loretta | Tee Pee Advertising

I have been receiving promotional products information from PromoCorner for years. I have taken advantage of the supplier offers many times. My experiences have been good and helpful.
Don Mowery | Kaeser and Blair Authorized Dealer

Sometime we all have so much going on and with emails coming in (lot’s at a time) all day long. Getting the PromoCorner and going there that email, is so nice because you see all the different sales at one time. You look at them and say, “ Oh , That is what me customer is looking for .”
So you click on that flyer and check out the item and pricing. This saves a little time and you can go back to it next time a customer is looking for an item. So I Like getting the promo corner email. I know that if I am looking for something, I might just fine it. So keep up the PromoCorner emails. You are doing a good job with specials in one place.

Sherry Staup | AdSpecs Specialty Advertising

PromoCorner is a value added sales tool for bring me new business. Its the first place i turn to find specials for clients before turning to esp or sage.
Perry-Nicholas Isch | Wishworks Media asi/365553

PromoCorner has allowed me to gain information of the hottest promo products! With this service I am able to provide the hottest promo ideas to my customers on a daily basis! I am aware of far more products and suppliers than I would be otherwise. PromoCorner gives me access to specials and catalogues I would not have ready access to! Full color flyers have landed a couple of big project that would not have been possible without PromoCorner!
Amanda Johnson | Stampede Graphics

I have been successful in closing sales from basic product research to forwarding a flyer or product content to a customer I have received through PromoCorner. I enjoy reading the various specials, and in many cases, just the timing is right where a client asks us about a product and I can immediately refer back to the recent email I just received from PromoCorner.
Dan Fitzgerald, President/CEO | Proforma Multi-Marketing Services

I visit PromoCorner on a daily basis. It is an easy and convenient site that allows me to download a user friendly flyer, throw my company information on it and either send it through my own email marketing software program or use theirs! Either way, I am able to view those who have viewed my blast! I recommend the site to everyone who needs to research sales flyers quickly!
Mary Lou Locke | Remember The Name

Your information is good and it is easy to move around in your program.
Gwen Wilkinson | Perfect Promotions

Before I place just about any order. I will always check with PromoCorner to if there are any specials, coupons promos etc to save, time $$$ why not? Glad they exist... period.
Rich Colucci | Seacoast Imprint

I use Waldor Products and noticed that they are on your email blasts. They are a good vendor for us and PromoCorner keeps us in the loop as far as closeouts and specials for Waldor. I have also used the e-flyers to do my own email blast. I also like the fact that I can scroll down and check out new and different items. Thanks for the service you provide.
Jacquelyn Bolton | Custom Printing Specialist

I love PromoCorner. I have come to depend on it more than I ever thought I would. It's convenient and easy to look for items and they are always surprising us with new "specials." Thanks PC.
Kathie McDaniel | Graphics Printing

Love the new online version of Identity Marketing! Saves trees and my time. I saw a product of interest and was able to go direct to their site to get info ordered -- no more tearing out the page to check into it when I have time (which is usually never). Thanks for being eco-friendly and innovative! Keep up the good work!
Heidi Thorne | Thorne Communications... for Promo With Purpose

I'm excited about the new technology you are moving to. I find your magazine to be the best in the industry and don't want to miss an issue.
David Slater | Everlasting Impressions

I love the digital format of the magazine. Thanks so much!!
MAUREEN FLYNN | Imprintables Etc.

Wow... July is a great issue... .I will print some of the article for reference in our business... Thanks
Nelson Penalver | Logistical Outsourcing

Identity happens to be my favorite industry magazine.
Patti Dent | Promotional Marketing Specialist

Identity Marketing is my favorite industry magazine. The articles are the best.
Nancy Cunningham | Finn Graphics.

Identity Marketing is my favorite magazine among all of the publications specific to the promotional product industry. I read Identity Marketing from cover-to-cover and appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in its publication.
Sharon A. Jackson | P.S. Advertising Specialty Co.

The best magazine in the business!!!
Carl Deutsch | Triad Marketing Resources

I read Identity Marketing cover to cover every month! Great articles!
Mike Toncar | Proforma

Just a note to say thank you for the emails you send out to my customers. I have received several orders as a direct result of the mailings. It triggers the mind of my clients and reminds them of the offerings we have.
Lyman Rose | Creative Promotions

I rely on PromoCorner when I need to find a product quickly. It has been a very pleasant experience.
Nicholas Kohanowski | Advanced Business Promotions.

I use these email all the time in selecting suppliers. More importantly they give me sales ideas to present to customers...
Mike Graham | MG Promotional Products Inc

I especially enjoy receiving your daily emails. They not only help to introduce me to new, innovative items but also make me aware of specials and savings available to my customers. Thanks for the good job you do!
Martha Noble | Marketing Matters

I enjoy looking through to PromoCorner emails on a regular basis, for new products, and special promotions on products that I know my customers may have an interest in. It's easy to forward info to my clients and I can definitely say I have written several orders based on information I saw in PromoCorner emails.
Mark Barry | Barry Idea Group, Inc.

PromoCorner is an amazing resource for any distributor or supplier who needs fast answers concerning this industry . Their members and users have helped my business grow a great deal.
Mauricio Gudino | STS SALES CO

I check PromoCorner's PromoFlash email on a daily basis, to keep my hand on the pulse of the industry, and what's new in the market. The hyperlinked vendor advertisements make it very easy to download a client-safe version of the advertisement, throw my logo and contact info on it, and get it out to my clients and prospects. I would strongly recommend that every distributor regularly take a look at the PromoFlash.
John | Umbrella Imprint

PromoCorner email blasts have helped my business keep on top of newly released promotional products as well as take advantage of reduced pricing on popular products. Too often the search engines for promotional products are not kept up to date. When I see a product advertised with PromoCorner, I know where to get it and what to expect - not another "wild goose chase."
Ana Henderson, Owner | Broidery

Website and Email Stats PLUS List Demographics

List Demographics
Email Broadcast List Size: 378,648
Distributors of Promotional Products: 45,000
Manufacturers of Promotional Products: 2,000
Distributor Qualified End-Users: 331,648

Social Media
Facebook: 1.9K Likes
Twitter: 4K Followers
LinkedIn: 2.5K Followers
Pinterest: 4.8K monthly viewers

Website Stats
Yearly PromoCorner Sessions: 173,348
Yearly PromoCorner Users: 98,648
Yearly PromoCorner Page Views: 1,665,546
Identity Marketing Readership Demographics*
Distributors: 74%
Suppliers: 20%
End-users: 3%
Ad Agencies: 3%

Sales Volume
< $250k: 29%
$250k – $500k: 18%
$500k – $1 mil: 19%
$1 mil – $2.5 mil: 13%
$2.5 mil – $5 mil: 8%
> $5 mil: 13%

*conducted via Identity Marketing annual survey.

PromoFlash Stats
Yearly PromoFlash Opens: 75,000,000
Yearly PromoFlash Click-thrus: 730,000

Catalog Stats
Yearly Catalog Pages Viewed: 504,000

Client Email Broadcast Stats
(Distributors utilizing our AutoFlash service to send out client-safe flyers)
Yearly Emails Sent: 4,635,654
Yearly Campaigns: 8,900

List Breakdown by Affiliation List Breakdown by State
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