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More Videos
Free Promo Tips from Clegg
SR VP Michael Bistocchi is interviewed for great promo ideas.
Viewed: 35   Posted: 6/13/2012

CleggPromo is shaking things up!
Our Maracas can be used as a fun noisemaker, bottle opener, and a keychain!
Viewed: 83   Posted: 10/19/2011

Come Out and Play with Clegg!
So simple, yet, so effective!
Viewed: 81   Posted: 9/21/2011

Halloween Light Up Bounce Pen
Halloween Light Up Bounce Pens are back! These addicting pens are a fan favorite....but what are these pens good for OTHER than writing??? Just watch to find out!
Viewed: 100   Posted: 9/13/2011

Cube Pen/Calendar Pen
Get 12 imprints for the price of 1! Great multi message promotional product, and a great stress reliever as well.
Viewed: 90   Posted: 9/13/2011

The Most CREATIVE Woman in the World!
Have you met the Most Creative Woman?! We didn't think so...but she looks an awful like one of Clegg's Production Coordinators! Also seen in video: Lighted Beer Mug, Lighted Shooter Glasses.
Viewed: 76   Posted: 9/13/2011

Sound Mailing Tubes
We program your custom 10 second audio logo, message, or music that activates when you pop the top!
Viewed: 98   Posted: 8/31/2011

Lighted Scrolling Message Fan
We'll program your 6 custom messages in your choice of LED color!
Viewed: 67   Posted: 8/31/2011

Light Up YoYos
Clegg's got everything from clear multicolor LED yoyos, translucent colored yoyos w/ red LEDS, to economic non-lighted yoyos!
Viewed: 54   Posted: 8/31/2011

Frosted Strobes
Flashing strobes demand attention and keep you safe.
Viewed: 37   Posted: 8/31/2011

Blow Sensor Cards (Birthday)
CLEGG has birthday cards that PLAY "Happy Birthday" and have light up LED candles that you can actually BLOW OUT?!
Viewed: 69   Posted: 8/31/2011

Rowdy Noisemakers!
Our clapping hands, lighted whistle, mini horn, mini cheer horn and boo loo pen will bring the noise and the fun.
Viewed: 73   Posted: 8/31/2011

Flashing Celluloid Buttons
Take a look at the difference between a flashing LED celluloid button...and a boring old non-light up button.
Viewed: 61   Posted: 8/31/2011

Custom Sound Cards!
When you open these cards your custom music, audio logo, message, or sound automatically plays.
Viewed: 58   Posted: 8/31/2011

Miniature Briefcase Business Card Holder!
An impressive way to present your business cards and a fun conversation starter!
Viewed: 78   Posted: 8/31/2011

We're bringing the Desktop Playground to you!
Bored at work? Miss your childhood? Clegg is bringing the playground right to your desktop!
Viewed: 59   Posted: 8/31/2011

CPSIA Compliant Products (Kid Friendly)
We take safety seriously and take responsibility for our products that you in turn are selling to others.
Viewed: 57   Posted: 8/31/2011

Flashing Flex Lighted Bracelet
We updated the old awareness one-size fits all bracelet and put multi color LEDs on the face with a big imprint area.
Viewed: 75   Posted: 8/31/2011

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