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Would you like to keep your website fresh?  Broadcast regular email newsletters?  Leverage social networking tools?  Create your own Promotional Product catalogs?  If the answer is yes to any or all of these we have a solution for you.

AutoFlash with myPromoSaver instantly adds hundreds of specials to your website, while constantly maintaining them for you.  Your specials will always be current, topical, and fresh!  Plus we will kick start your email marketing efforts with our exclusive bi-monthly AutoFlash service.  Our content is also ideal for updating your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or any social media account.  Stay front and center with your customers, with topical content, start using today!

Features & Benefits
  • NEW! - Ability to create multiple myCatalogs! Perfect for making client presentations!
  • Self-Maintaining  -  Set it up once and leave it.  We do all the work.
  • Enhances Your Current Site - doesn't replace your current website (though it can), it makes it better!
  • Embed or Link  -  You can link to from your own site using a simple hyperlink, our animated specials banners, or you can even embed within your site, so your visitors never leave.  In any case we always keep it up-to-date for you.
  • Smart Phone Compatible - Many of your customers are surely using smart phones, right? is designed to display beautifully on smart phones, including Androids, iPhones, and more!
  • QR Code Available - Use our QR Code generator below to get a QR Code that will direct your customer's smart phones right to your account without them having to enter a web address.
  • Personalized Digital Catalogs - Include personalized versions of our digital catalogs on your website.
  • New Content  - Face it, content is one of the most time consuming chores of maintaining a website and an email newsletter.  With, new content is automatically delivered to your site daily!
  • Email Presence  - You want to be in front of your customers, you just don't have time.  With PowerFlash you can quickly build and broadcast newsletters weekly.  Or turn on AutoFlash and let us do all the work for you!
  • Landing Page for PowerFlash / AutoFlash - Instead of having your customers click through to a blank website, they will now go directly to your web page where their video, flyer, or special will be displayed.
  • Video  -  New videos are added every week, perfect for adding to blogs, tweets, and status updates.
  • Control  -  Block suppliers, add links to your other websites, cancel and edit your automated newsletters.  With you are always in control.
  • Target Leads  -  Your email newsletters contain embedded tracking so you can see who is opening your emails, and what they are clicking on.  Plan your follow-up on just those subscribers who showed interest and turn them into sales!
  • Admin Feature - Set your computer so when you visit your site, vendor contact information is displayed for you, including, phone numbers, addresses, and links to order samples. 
  • Stats - Both PowerFlash and provide you with complete stats, so you can see your money at work.  You can also add your own Google Analytics code to your site and track using your own Google Analytics account.
  • Support - Free technical support is included in all plans.  We can help you link to your site, embed your site, add a banner, or make your own suggested enhancements come to life.  Simply email
Example AutoFlash: Click here to view an example of what your autoflash can look like
Demo wesbite: Click here to view a fully functional website.
Demo website(Embedded Version): Click here to view a fully functional embedded website.

Pricing - Still have questions, view our FAQ below.

Marketing Plan

MPS site &
Up-To 100
Email Addresses

MPS site &
Up-To 1,000
Email Addresses

MPS site &
Up-To 5,000
Email Addresses

MPS site &
Up-To 10,000
Email Addresses

MPS site &
Over 10,000
Email Addresses

Pay Annually $99.00 $99.00 $99.00 $249 Contact Us
All programs include a no risk 30 day money back guarantee.  In all instances your credit card will be charged automatically annually until you cancel.

There are just 3 steps to create your website.
(you may also access any of these steps from your account page - click "view account" on the top of any page)
Step 1.  Choose Plan and Complete Payment

    Click Here to choose a plan and complete payment

Step 2. Personalize your website
Step 3. Link/Add to your website.
Step 4. Turn on AutoFlash

Click here to learn more about PowerFlash (opens in new window so you can return here when done)

Click here to learn more about our automated PowerFlash Program, AutoFlash (opens in new window so you can return here when done)


FAQ/Questions: (question not here? email

Why AutoFlash? One word, content. Lots of services give you tools to manually create and forward content but very few actually provide content.  And those that do, provide static content that after just a few weeks is already stale, requiring your valuable time to update it.  If you think about it, content is actually the most time consuming requirement of any marketing effort.  Time that you probably don't have or want to spend.  With you get the right content at the right time.  St. Patrick's day specials before St. Patrick's Day; beach and outdoor flyers during the summer; holiday food gift videos got it...before and during the holidays. gives you all this and more with just a little work upfront!

How can I best utilize this service? Add your link to your site as your current specials.  Current specials links generate the most activity for any website.  You can use a simple link, or our dynamic animated banner.  Upload your email marketing list and turn on AutoFlash.  This will get specials out to your customers every two weeks.  Though AutoFlash might not always generate immediate orders, it will certainly keep your name in front of your customers and prospects.  Utilize PowerFlash to market to specific demographics.  Maybe you know of tradeshows in your area where exhibitors need promotional products or a local fair that attracts vendors; create a PowerFlash of products, flyers, and videos specifically targeted to these companies.

How does my customer order from the site? We provide contact us buttons that will begin an email to you including a link to the page your customer is looking at.  We also provide your customer with an ID to refer to when calling you.  You can enter this id in your search box to pull up the product/flyer/video.

How can I tell who the supplier is on my, website?  Turn on your admin cookie.  This allows you to view supplier information right on the flyer / product page.  You can turn this on from above or by visiting your "View Account" page on and clicking the "Admin On" link listed in your options.

What kind of reporting is available?  Both and PowerFlash provide you with complete stats reporting.  You'll get unique visits, page views, opens, click-thrus, and more!

I already have a website, why would I want another one? is not meant to replace what you are currently doing.  It's meant to enhance it.  So many sites we see have boring home pages that never change.  With you can take advantage of your animated banner, that changes each day.  Now your home page showcases your latest specials in an attractive, and "techie" format, that constantly is updated.  All with no additional work by you!

What if I don't have a website?  Can I still participate?  Yes.  You can register a domain name through one of the major domain services (,, etc..) and then turn on a feature called domain forwarding.  When your customers enter your new web address they will automatically be redirected to your account.

How often does the content get updated?  Content is updated daily.  As we send out new specials, they are automatically added to your account.  Expiring specials are automatically removed.  No work for either is required on your part.

If you have additional questions or need assistance email

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